Tailor-made catering on board

Private jet hire



available private jets

20 000

completed flights

95 000+


Would you like a hot meal prepared by a starred chef, canapés, burgers, sushi or simply red fruits?
For 2 or 600 passengers, our air experts monitor your flight, in order to offer you a tailor-made service and enable you to enjoy the best experience on board our private aircraft.

For 30 years, we have been meeting the expectations and requirements of our passengers:

We set up dietetic meals served to professional sports teams
We respect our customers’ requirements, with the possibility of serving Halal and/or Kosher meals
We adapt to vegetarians and vegans with partnerships with starred chefs
For event flights, we personalize the meals according to the event’s image
Please note that our tailor-made catering services can be provided both in flight and on the ground if the size of the private jet allows it.
We offer the possibility that they can be delivered, if the customer so wishes, by highly qualified personnel (maître d’, sommelier), both on board and on the ground.
As for oenology, we can meet all your desires, the finest wines can be put on board your private jet.

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