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Cessna Citation XLS and M2: the new generation has arrived

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Two of aircraft manufacturer Cessna’s iconic private jets are evolving. And for good reason, Cessna (part of Textron Aviation) has just unveiled the Gen2 of its Citation M2 and Citation XLS private jets. With this latest version, these aircraft have new improvements, especially in their cabin. We take a look at what’s new on these two business jets.


Cessna private jets updated


With the mindset that no detail is too small when it comes to shaping customers’ flying experiences, we touched every area of these aircraft to create the Citation M2 Gen2 and Citation XLS Gen2, from the cockpit to the cargo area and everywhere in between.

That’s according to Christi Tannahill, Textron Aviation’s vice president of customer experience.


In response to customer feedback, the U.S. aircraft manufacturer has focused on both technological and interior design improvements. Their goal is to remain one of the leaders in performance compared to other private jets of similar category.


Citation M2 Gen2 business jet


Citation M2 Gen2 intérieur
Crédit photo : Cessna Textron Aviation


Citation M2 Gen2 intérieur
Crédit photo : Cessna Textron Aviation

The Citation M2 was originally released in 2013. If it is anything like the successor to the Citation Mustang, the latter has just improved and entered a new generation. Many improvements are to be observed for this business jet carrying up to 7 passengers.

First of all, comfort and productivity are the order of the day, as you will find new wireless charging stations for your mobile devices, as well as various USB ports (A and C) at the front of all seats. Numerous other storage compartments have also been added and remain accessible during the flight.

Also a well thought design, it’s a good trip guaranteed! And this is the challenge that the Citation M2 Gen2 takes up by adopting a new system of lights within the cabin, illuminated cup holders but also comfortable, aesthetic and quality seats. Finally it is all the materials at the level of the ground of the cabin which was changed. The purpose of the latter is to be more durable and to facilitate its daily maintenance. Every detail counts and it is partly what characterizes the high-end private aircraft.

In the cockpit, improvements are notable for the pilot and co-pilot. The legroom has been enlarged for greater comfort at the controls. In addition, thanks to the Garmin G3000 avionics system, the aircraft benefits from a state-of-the-art autopilot system. This assists pilots at the controls and ensures safety at every stage of a private jet flight.


The Citation XLS Gen2 business jet


Citation XLS Gen2 intérieur
Crédit photo : Cessna Textron Aviation


Citation XLS Gen2 intérieur
Crédit photo : Cessna Textron Aviation


Citation XLS Gen2 intérieur
Crédit photo : Cessna Textron Aviation


This private jet carrying up to 12 passengers features, like the Citation M2, several improvements.

First of all, comfort is the order of the day in this new cabin. Its soft leather seats will not make you want to leave them, and its redesigned and illuminated cup holders bring a nice design touch. The cabin lighting is designed to relax you and provide a cosy atmosphere throughout your journey.


Its top-of-the-range finishes will guarantee passengers a comfortable flight and an ideal experience in the cabin. Moreover, on a purely technological aspect, you will have access to multiple charging points for your mobile devices (USB A and USB C ports), and you will enjoy the silence of the cabin. It should be noted that the sound system of the cabin is without speakers (optional). It can allow you to enjoy both the silence to relax but can also allow you to listen to what you want during your flight and have a more immersive experience in flight.

Finally, the cockpit has also been improved. The manufacturer has simplified the controls and improved the cockpit screens. Also, the private jet has the Collins Aerospace Pro Line 21 intelligent avionics system. This ensures a safer ride for both pilots at the controls and passengers.


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