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On February 8th, 2023, the Dakhla airport inaugurated its new business and private aviation terminal, representing an investment of 10 million dirhams. This new airport infrastructure occupies an area of 424 m² and is intended to accommodate business and private travelers in the best conditions of comfort and security. Located in southern Morocco, the city of Dakhla is a major tourist destination for water sports enthusiasts. It is also an important economic and logistical center for the region. The Dakhla airport is therefore a strategic platform for the region and a key element for its economic development. AEROAFFAIRES presents the new business airport of Dakhla.



What is the new airport terminal dedicated to business aviation in Dakhla?

The new Dakhla business airport stands out for its modern architectural style. It offers a VIP space with a capacity of accommodating 19 VIP passengers simultaneously. Companies and individuals will be able to benefit from the best reception conditions. The objective is to offer them an exclusive and tailor-made travel experience.

This business airport responds to a growing demand from companies and individuals for VIP customized services. Business and private travelers have high expectations in terms of :

  • comfort
  • speed
  • flexibility.

The new Dakhla airport perfectly meets all of these criteria.



An investment of 10 million dirhams


The new business airport terminal in Dakhla mobilized an investment of 10 million dirhams. This airport infrastructure was carried out by the international operator Jetex.


A terminal dedicated to business and private aviation


The new Dakhla airport terminal is entirely dedicated to business and private aviation. This infrastructure aims to meet the growing demand for private flights in the region.


An area of 424 m²


The new business airport terminal in Dakhla occupies an area of 424 m². It has a waiting hall, VIP lounges, offices, and boarding and disembarkation areas.



Where is the Dakhla Business Airport located?


The Dakhla Business Airport is located in Dakhla, in the part of Western Sahara controlled by Morocco. More precisely, it is located about 5.8 kilometers from the city center of Dakhla.

It is the third airport in Morocco with a terminal dedicated exclusively to business and private aviation, after Casablanca Mohammed V Airport and Marrakech-Ménara Airport.

Why a new airport terminal dedicated to business aviation in Dakhla?


Growing demand for business and private flights:


The creation of this terminal responds to a growing demand for business and private aviation. Dakhla is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists and foreign investors. In fact, the city is known for:

  • Its pleasant climate
  • Its beach
  • Its water activities, including kitesurfing
  • Its proximity to the Sahara Desert.

In addition, the region is undergoing economic development and hosts numerous projects in the fields of agriculture, fishing, energy, and tourism.

According to the figures from the National Office of Airports (ONDA), the Dakhla airport recorded a traffic of 222,480 passengers and 1,848 airport movements in 2022. This represents an increase of 87% compared to 2019. With this new infrastructure, the Dakhla airport should strengthen its attractiveness to airlines and business travelers.


Strategic Location:


The private airport of Dakhla is located in a geographically strategic region, offering easy access to West and North Africa, as well as Latin America. This makes it a key entry point for private investors and travelers.


Platform for Economic Development:


The development of the Dakhla business airport is part of a comprehensive strategy for the economic development of the region. The private airport of Dakhla provides an ideal platform for the economic development of the region. It attracts foreign investment and promotes industries such as agriculture, fishing, tourism, and renewable energy.


Connection with the International Airport:



The private airport of Dakhla is connected to the Dakhla International Airport. The latter is constantly expanding and offers regular flights to major cities in Morocco and abroad. This allows passengers to easily connect with other destinations and enjoy a well-developed air transport network.

The new Dakhla business airport will allow local companies to better connect to national and international markets. This will offer faster and more direct connections. It should also attract new businesses to the region and stimulate investment. This is thanks to modern infrastructure adapted to the needs of today’s businesses.

With this new infrastructure, the city of Dakhla strengthens its position as a regional economic hub and opens up new horizons for economic development.



The benefits of the new business airport in Dakhla.


The new business airport in Dakhla offers an exclusive and personalized travel experience, tailored to the needs of business and private travelers. It also offers many benefits for businesses and individuals, including:

  • A high-end VIP service for business and private travelers, with the ability to discreetly and confidentially accommodate 19 passengers simultaneously.
  • Dedicated spaces for business meetings, conference rooms, and workspaces for companies.
  • Concierge services to meet the specific needs of travelers, such as hotel, restaurant, or transfer reservations.
  • Increased security for business and private travelers, with access control and enhanced security procedures.
  • Private parking


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