Private aviation vs. commercial aviation: what are the differences?

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The difference between private and commercial aviation is first and foremost customisation. Indeed, business aviation is a completely personalised mode of transport and this is one of the primary reasons for hiring a private jet.


However, many people wonder what the differences are between travelling by private jet and travelling on a regular commercial route. AEROAFFAIRES presents the main differences between private and commercial aviation: two modes of transport that are more different than you might think. 




One of the main advantages of business aviation is its flexibility. Whether you want to take off early for a business meeting or return in the evening to enjoy your family, you decide when you want to take off. Flexibility means that you can reach a destination in the morning and return home the same day, allowing you to enjoy your family.


Get as close as possible to your final destination


Scheduled routes are defined according to demand. There are about 3 000 airports in Europe, but only 300 are served by airlines. So when you land at an airport, you often have a few hours to drive to your final destination.


But when you fly on a private jet, you choose your departure and arrival airports. A private jet can land on much shorter runways than a commercial aircraft. A private jet can even land on a small runway on the side of a mountain, as in Courchevel or on a remote island. All you need to do is hire the most suitable private jet for this type of landing.


Avoid waiting at the airport


Everyone has in mind the long waiting times in airports before take-off. Checking in, going through security, boarding takes at least 2 hours. When you hire a private jet, you can spend two hours on other things. You are welcomed in the FBOs (business terminals) and you only need to arrive 15 minutes in advance. In addition, meeting rooms and breakout rooms are available if required.


Travel with your pet in the cabin


When travelling on commercial flights, you cannot take your pet into the cabin. Instead of putting your pet in the cargo hold, your dog or cat has its own place in the cabin of the private jet, regardless of its size. More and more individuals are using private aviation to have their pets with them. This is a great way to avoid stress for both pets and their owners.


Take off as soon as possible


An emergency? A cancelled transport? Many unforeseen events can occur during the day. It is sometimes difficult to book a flight at the last minute with a commercial airline. With private aviation, you can book your flight at the last minute. It is even possible to take off in just two hours.


Choose your menu


When you travel on commercial airlines, you don’t choose what you eat. The menu is already set and you eat what you are served. With private aviation, you have the choice of what you eat, what you drink, and even when you eat. Do you prefer sushi? Or fresh fruit or sweets? Just specify your preferences when you make your reservation and you will be served at your seat whenever you want!


Choose who you travel with


When you travel by commercial aircraft, you book a ticket from all the seats available on a commercial aircraft. So you share your journey with other passengers. You may well find yourself sitting next to strangers or in a seat where it is difficult to stretch your legs. When you travel by private jet, however, you book the entire jet. It is up to you to choose your fellow passengers, who in most cases will be your work colleagues, friends or family. In addition, you have all the space that a private plane offers. You can work in complete privacy, lie down to rest or enjoy your children on board.


Get as close as possible to your aircraft


When you travel by private jet, there is no need to take a shuttle from the car park to the airport, even at major airports such as London Luton or Nice Côte d’Azur. You can park as close to your aircraft as possible, in the FBO. In some airports, it is even possible to arrive on the tarmac, right in front of your plane, by car.


Private aviation differs from commercial aviation in its flexibility, the time savings it offers and the comfort and quality of flight it provides to its passengers. To travel with private aviation, contact AEROAFFAIRES.

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