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A strike by air traffic controllers and railway lines (Air France and SNCF) is planned?

The air traffic controllers are asking for negotiations to be opened on various issues, including the privatization of the SNCF network and the reorganization of their work, particularly during peak hours.

Three months of strike action at the rate of two days every five days. The railway workers’ unions (the CGT-Unsa-Sud-CFDT interunion) launched a new type of strike on Tuesday, April 3: the beaded strike. For three months, the unions called on SNCF employees to stop working two days a week every five days. Sud Rail, SNCF’s number 3 union, had even called for a strike that could be renewed every 24 hours, before backing off in the name of union unity.

The beaded strike has demonstrated its ability to generate disruptions including conflict watches and aftermath, the time for traffic organization to recover (maintenance of trains, movement of rails and agents). This was confirmed with the days of renewed post-strike traffic, with rather fragile Intercités traffic, RER trains far from being all there and Ouigo TGV trains with two out of five trains.

Private flights are the solution to bypass strikes.

Private jets and helicopters are more flexible, as departure and arrival airports can be changed very quickly and even along the way.

Our customers use our quote form to inquire about the price of booking a private aircraft or to charter a jet if their airliner is selected for any reason.

We can then quickly arrange an alternative flight.

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