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FBOs (Fixed-Base Operators) are airport terminals designed for business aviation. Companies specializing in FBOs offer a variety of services, providing a range of essential amenities for business aviation passengers and other types of non-commercial aircraft. 

Often renowned for their comfort, exclusivity and luxury, FBOs play a crucial role in business aviation. In addition to providing logistical services, FBOs create a personalized airport experience, contributing to the appeal of tailor-made aviation travel and the prestigious image associated with this sector. Join AEROAFFAIRES as we discover Europe’s leading FBOs.


SkyValet company


SkyValet is a notable FBO network, comprising several terminals across Europe, encompassing 37 locations. Their commitment to business aviation services is reflected in a comprehensive range of services, from refueling to personalized concierge services. With modern facilities and experienced teams, Sky Valet is positioned as a preferred partner for travelers and private aircraft owners, offering a luxurious airport experience and quality services at every stage of their journey.

AEROAFFAIRES and SkyValet are united in a partnership to offer our passengers a high-quality flying experience.


FBO services


Technical services


Like all types of terminals, FBOs are responsible for a variety of technical services, although these may differ from one FBO to another. These services include: 


  • Repair and maintenance
  • Refuelling
  • Aircraft inspection
  • Fleet management


FBO technical services are essential to ensure safety, aircraft performance and smooth flight operations.


Passenger services


FBOs specificity is that they offer passengers tailor-made services exclusive to business aviation. These services include: 


  • VIP lounge
  • Concierge service
  • Catering
  • Wifi
  • Security services
  • Ground transportation
  • Meeting rooms


These high-end services define the business aviation travel experience. Through these services, FBO strives to meet the specific needs of passengers. The emphasis on comfort, discretion and efficiency contributes to creating a luxurious and convenient atmosphere for travelers.


Europe’s leading FBOs


Europe’s most renowned FBOs include several destinations and airports. These FBOs offer outstanding services in luxurious lounges, pioneering the business aviation experience.


Paris-le-Bourget airport


Paris-le-Bourget airport is the European airport with the highest number of FBOs within a single airport, with 8 FBOs. Among these FBOs is the Luxaviation group’s ExecuJet lounge. The lounge is renowned for its luxurious design and spaciousness. With its focus on comfort and discretion, and only a few steps from the aircraft, this FBO is a must in the parisian airspace.


Cannes-Mandelieu airport


Cannes-Mandelieu airport is a key airport in the south of France. It serves as a gateway between the cities of the Côte d’Azur and facilitates access to Cannes city, which is particularly active in the events sector. The main FBO at Cannes airport is SkyValet. Equipped with a refined restaurant, a variety of meeting rooms, a high-end concierge service and tourist services, the Cannes’ SkyValet FBO is a must for business aviation in the south of France.


London Luton Airport


London Luton Airport is one of Europe’s busiest business aviation airports. It includes an FBO of the British Signature Aviation group, and is one of the most popular in the UK. Strategically located and offering a comprehensive range of top-of-the-range services, including a bar, children’s area, kitchen, meeting rooms, computers, nearby golf course, rest room and bathrooms, this FBO is a must in the British capital.


Palma de Mallorca Airport


Palma de Mallorca airport ranks first among Spain’s busiest airports for business aviation. Like its destination, the General Aviation Service Palma de Mallorca FBO embodies luxury and prestige. Featuring a sleek, modern design, the FBO offers a wide range of services, from car rental to booking tourist activities, which is particularly appreciated by travelers wishing to visit the region or delegate the various bookings relating to their stay.


Geneva airport


Geneva Airport in Switzerland is Europe’s 3rd busiest airport. Swiss company Jet Aviation‘s FBO at the airport is a pioneer in the Swiss business aviation experience. Equipped like a hotel, with bedrooms and bathrooms, this FBO combines luxury and efficiency. With its facilities and services, this FBO offers travelers a refined stopover that reflects Geneva’s international reputation as a dynamic business aviation destination.


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