Fly over the earth live onboard the iss space station

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Fly over the land directly on the ISS thanks to the program USTREAM.TV

Live the experience and life of astronauts aboard the ISS, travel around the world as if you were there to discover the beauty of our blue planet!

The live video of the International Space Station includes internal views while the crew is on duty and shows the Earth at other times.

The video is accompanied by audio conversations between the crew and the Houstonqui base, which controls the mission.

Live video only works when the space station is in contact with the ground.

During the “loss of signal”, viewers will see a blue screen from the station orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes.

You can watch a sunrise or sunset every 45 minutes.

When the station is in darkness, the video from the external camera may look black, but can sometimes offer spectacular views of the lightning or the lights of the girls overflown.