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Helicopter hire : Flying from Corsica at Porto vecchio

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AEROAFFAIRES offers you to rent a helicopter for tourist tours from Porto-Vecchio and discover the splendor of the landscapes of Corsica seen from the sky, putting at your disposal helicopters type Squirrel AS350 5 places or Colibri EC120 4 places, which will give you exceptional visibility.

Examples of tourist routes offered from Porto-Vecchio:

  • Flight over the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio

From Porto-Vecchio, you will fly over the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, Chiappa and discover the beautiful beaches of Palombaggia and Santa Giulia.

Flight time: 10 minutes

Price on request.

* based on 4 passengers on EC 120/5 passenger helicopter on Ecureuil AS 350.

  • Discover Bonifacio

Departure from Porto-Vecchio, descend the city of Bonifacio, its white and light sandy lands, along the banks of the winds, before surreading the Gulf of Spérone, it guides you to Piantarella then the islands Lavezzi et Cavallo. You will be decorated with the sausage, the Rondinara berries, Santa Giulia, Palombaggia before entering the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio for the Chiappa before survoler, niche south are the North-West side, the “Quotation” and the Marais salants qui lui donnèrent are name.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price on request.

* based on 4 passengers on EC 120/5 passenger helicopter on Ecureuil AS 350.

  • Flight over the Bavella Massif

From Porto-Vecchio, fly over the waterfall Piscia di Gallo before continuing uphill the massif of Bavella. You will discover the pass and the village as well as the hole of the bomb and the refuge of Paliri.

After having evolved in the middle of these gigantic and magnificent granite peaks, you will reach the eastern coast at the Bay of Fautéa by the coast to discover the bright bays of Pinarellon St Cyprien and the entrance to the gulf of Porto-Vecchio at at the bottom of which are the salt pans, which once gave their name “Cita di dirty” to this seaside town so visited today.

You will be surrounded by the plains of Palombaggia, Santa Giulia, before you see the islands of Lavezzi, Cavallo and the city of Bonifacio, with its white and light sandy landscapes at the edge of the winds.

The return to Porto-Vecchio will be made by the coast.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price on request.

* based on 4 passengers on EC 120/5-passenger helicopter on Ecureuil AS 350

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