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One of the major benefits of a private flight is being able to get on board with your pet. At AEROAFFAIRES, we are aware of the importance of pets. Our little friends are often subject to problems in terms of air transport, take-off being one of the most critical moment of the transport. Once this phase is completed, the animals quickly regain their calm. On board, they are taken care of and pampered, allowing them to arrive at their destination in good shape.

With private aviation, you will be able to get on board, accompanied by your pet. This is why as a private aviation broker we bring concrete answers to these recurring questions. You will benefit from a personalized accompaniment for your flight with your pet in order to complete the necessary documents for the smooth running of your trip.


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Dogs and cats in private aviation


The convenience and simplicity of traveling with pets are significantly enhanced through the use of private jets. When it comes to felines and canids of relatively small size, private jets offer the unique advantage of allowing them to accompany you in the cabin during the journey.

Indeed, despite the fact that bunkers are optimized in commercial flights. The latter remain a stressful or even dangerous environment depending on the stress sensitivity of your companion’s breed. Travelling by plane can be a traumatic experience for our four-legged companions.  On a commercial flight, your pet will travel in a cage that will be installed in the baggage compartment. Noises are amplified and temperatures can drop to very low degrees. These conditions are uncomfortable and can become anxiety-provoking for your pet. This mode of transportation can be a source of stress and apprehension for both pets and owners.

At AEROAFFAIRES, we pride ourselves on being “pet friendly.” Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to manage all administrative and customs formalities required for the seamless transport of animals. This includes ensuring compliance with the legislation of the countries of check-in or arrival.

When making your reservation, simply convey your intention to travel with your pet, and our team, working in collaboration with the crew, will diligently prepare the aircraft to welcome your furry companion in the best possible conditions. Your peace of mind and the well-being of your pet are our top priorities, making private jet travel with pets a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Thanks to private jets, traveling with pets becomes very simple. Felines and canids of relatively small size are allowed to travel alongside you in the cabin in the private jet.


What should you plan before boarding the private jet with your pet?


To ensure the cleanliness of the aircraft, we recommend that our clients accompanied by their furry pets bring a terry towel to protect the seats of the aircraft and anticipate any “accident” that may occur during the trip. To make the trip a serene experience, remember to bring a toy or an object that your pet knows well, this will reassure your cat or dog, especially during takeoff and landing.

Planning the itinerary with the comfort of your transported passenger i mind can contribute to a stress-free journey for both pet and owner. It is therefore preferable to bring a blanket or a small towel to protect the often fragile furniture of the aircraft. In addition, we also recommend that you take a toy or an object that your pet appreciates so that it feels safe.


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What are the necessary formalities for traveling with your pet?


If you wish to cross a border on board a personally chartered plane, there are laws in force for dogs and cats especially in terms of vaccinations and administrative documents such as presenting a health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination, ensuring a seamless and worry-free journey for all involved.

Unlike commercial flights, where pets may face check-in procedures, potential quarantine, or transportation in cargo holds, private jet travel minimizes these concerns and limits the need for sedation by creating a more tranquil and pet-friendly travel experience.

To travel with your pet, the take-off and landing airports must have specialized accreditation. The private airline company must also have authorization to transport animals on board the aircraft. These different certifications ensure a perfect flight quality for your flying companions.

In Europe


Flying with pets within Europe requires adherence to specific regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals. Before boarding, it’s crucial to be aware that your dog or cat must have an up-to-date passport and a microchip. This pet passport serves as a comprehensive documentation tool, allowing you to prove the current vaccination status of your animals as certified by a qualified veterinarian.

The microchip is particularly essential, as it provides a unique identification for your pet. This ensures that your furry companion can be easily traced back to you and helps authorities verify the identity of the animal during travel. The microchip should comply with international standards to facilitate seamless travel across borders.

European Union regulations typically require that pets receive vaccinations against rabies, and the pet passport should include clear evidence of this vaccination. Some countries may have additional health requirements or specific regulations, so it’s advisable to research and comply with the entry requirements of the destination country.

Additionally, when flying within Europe, consider checking with the airline or private jet charter company for any specific pet travel policies they may have in place. Different carriers may have varying guidelines or amenities to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet during the journey.

By ensuring that your pet has the necessary documentation and meeting all the regulatory requirements, you can help facilitate a smooth and stress-free travel experience for both you and your furry friend within the European region.

On the other hand, if you wish to travel to the following European countries : Malta, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom. A deworming treatment will be required 5 days maximum before arrival in the territory.

In the United States


When considering travel to the United States, a pivotal destination in connection with Europe, specific measures are essential for the well-being and entry of your pets. Similar to European regulations, current U.S. laws mandate compliance with certain requirements, including the possession of an up-to-date passport and microchip for your pet. In terms of veterinary health, it is crucial that your pet is at least 10 weeks old and is weaned.

Furthermore, your pet must receive vaccination against rabies, and documentation certifying non-exposure to infectious diseases is also a prerequisite. A certificate of good health, issued less than one month before travel, is an additional necessity.

Upon arriving on American soil, your pet will need to undergo inspection by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). If these steps appear intricate or challenging, our experienced consultants are available to accompany you throughout the process. They will work with you to explore and implement ideal and effective solutions, ensuring a smooth and compliant journey for you and your cherished pets.

Animal legislation outside the United States and Europe in private aviation


On the other hand if you wish to travel outside Europe with your dog or cat there are no common rules for charter flights.

Indeed, each country has its own legislation. It is possible that certain measures are required such as a quarantine period or additional vaccinations. But if this is your wish, our private aviation experts available 24/7 will take the necessary steps with the competent authorities. We will then be able to provide you with further information depending on your final destination.


Large animals in custom aviation


If you want to take large animals such as horses or even big felines such as lions or tigers. It is possible to charter a transport plane designed for these occasions. A Boeing 727 has even been completely redesigned down to the last detail to transport up to 21 horses.

This carrier is called Air Horse One, it can be chartered to meet your needs. In order for all your animals to fly on board an approved transport aircraft, we invite you to contact our experts who are available 24/7. We will offer you the solution best suited to your needs while accompanying you through the necessary customs formalities.

Airport and private jet company accreditations


Airline operators, FBOs (business terminals) as well as airports have the obligation to obtain accreditations to receive your animals in the best conditions. These certifications provide sanitary security and quality of service. As soon as you request a quote, our air experts will give you all the recommendations and advice on the airports and private jets available to take your companion.

What are our services for your favorite animals?


Private flights with pets on board have increased by 70% in 2020 at AEROAFFAIRES.

“At AEROAFFAIRES it is very important to us to be able to answer all your requests concerning pets for whom we have a special affection. Your satisfaction is our priority”.

This is why it is now possible with some companies to set up new services. Your flight companion can enjoy, if you wish, a meal or even a massage on board your private jet. We can provide him/her with a customized catering with our specialized pet caterer.

If your pet is likely to evacuate a particular stress during the flight, it is possible that a companion will board with it. The purpose of this procedure is to calm down your little companion.


Ask for a quote for a flight with your pets


Do you wish to travel with your pet? Do not hesitate to ask for a quote directly on our site, indicating all the specificities of your pet such as its breed, size and weight. Our air experts will contact you back to offer you a tailor-made solution that meets your needs.

As experts in air charter services for over 30 years, AEROAFFAIRES is capable of arranging any flight you desire, whether it’s to a popular destination or a small local airport. We provide the same high-quality service and support for all your jet travel needs.

To request a personalized, no-obligation quote, our aviation experts are available 24/7 at +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82 or via email at You can also fill out our online quote form and receive a response within two hours.

  • Is it possible to travel by private jet with a pet?

    Yes, it is possible to travel by private jet with a pet as most private jet charter companies are pet-friendly.

  • Which aircraft models are right for travelling with a pet?

    The suitability of aircraft models for traveling with a pet depends on various factors, including the size of the pet, the aircraft’s layout, and the policies of the airline or private jet charter company. Larger aircraft models with more cabin space may provide more comfort for both the pet and the owner. Some aircraft may have designated areas or provisions to ensure the safety and well-being of pets during the journey.

  • Why choose a private jet to travel with a pet?

    Choosing a private jet to travel with a pet provides a more comfortable and stress-free experience, offering spacious cabin accommodations, reduced security procedures, and the flexibility to tailor travel plans to meet the needs of both the owner and the pet.