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Gourmet escapade by helicopter in rhone alpes region at origny castle and troisgros house

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Want a gourmet getaway in the Rhône Alpes region?

AEROAFFAIRES offers you to go by plane and helicopter to the TROISGROS HOUSE and to stay for a weekend at the Château d’Origny.

From Paris or Lyon or any airport, AEROAFFAIRES offers flights by private plane and helicopter to Roanne or drop you directly by helicopter to the castle of Origy close to MAISON TROISGROS.

Castle Origny

Located near Roanne, in OUCHES the Castle of Origny, has a helipad where you will be able to land directly in the park of the Castle.

Chateau d’Origny fut bé towards the end of the sixteenth century by a certain Jean Dongui, who was richly roommate, who was healthy without any hoax, he was most fortunate of the region and Roanne.

Shortly after its construction, Origny went into alliance in 1690 with the family of Luzy-Couzan, whose coat of arms adorns the triangular pediment of the eastern facade. The castle changed owners, until the eve of the Revolution when it was sold to the family of Foudras.

In the early nineteenth century, with the craze for thermal waters, Theodore Louis – Auguste de Foudrasqui was among others around 1850, a talented local novelist, analyzed the mineral waters of several springs located near his castle. With the approval of the Academy of Medicine, their exploitation was launched and a small thermal establishment was born.

This family will keep Origny until 1909, when it was sold to the Countess de Grassin whose daughter was murdered August 7, 1935 on the ground floor of the castle. Something that made the headlines of the time and remains a mystery to this day.

In 1938 the Countess sold the estate to Bishop Marius Chalve, who in 1939 set up a community of Polish sisters, with the aim of turning it into a retirement home which lasted until 1958. Afterwards Origny became the property from the Matt family who separated in 2007 by selling it to the family De Clippel who renovated the castle to open rooms of prestige hosts where you will enjoy moments of calm and relaxation in one of the rooms such as: Colonial Suite, French Suite, English Suite, Countess Room and Polish Sisters Room.

In order to satisfy you at best, the castle of Origy offers you several formulas to live stays of discoveries and gourmands. Château d’Origny also offers free return transportation to La Maison Troisgros restaurant in Ouches.

CONTACT AND RESERVATION: Origny castle website


The Troisgros House

Maison Troisgros has distinguished itself since 1968 by three stars in the Michelin Guide, in the capital of textile creation that is Roanne.

Since February 2017, Maison Troisgros offers you its gastronomic services in Ouches with its Three Michelin stars.

If one wants to compare kitchens to decades of distance makes sense, one can observe a certain constancy in the TROISGROS: the taste of readability and simplicity seems to be a family trait. This, no doubt, has to be seen, beyond the generations, with this principle inculcated by John the Baptist to his sons and to those who worked with him. Simple does not mean however lacking originality or research, but these must not in any case give way to esotericism. To achieve this clarity of the plate, technical means are implemented, the use of the acid flavor, for example, that Michel knew how to exploit a thousand and one ways to make, one could say, the light of his cooking, or a certain minimalism that “erases” the technical effort, but also intellectual means,

Today, the arrival of Caesar alongside Michel, in a certain way, influences the trajectory of this cuisine: other sources of inspiration enter the scene to detach the different shots of the composition, the acidity comes often, in the plate, to add the spiciness; in the same way, the brigade’s ever greater cosmopolitanism is discovering new flavors and new techniques. The greater proximity to nature offered by Ouches will certainly lead to other horizons, again.


The restaurant “Wood without leaves”

Letting yourself be seen from the entrance into the distance, the restaurant ‘Wood without leaves seems mysterious’: would not it be an enchanted wood? Appearances, disappearances, when we enter, their game becomes clear along the path that leads us to our place. Around a hundred-year-old oak tree, the dining room develops between fields of grasses and undergrowth, like an extension of the latter. The tables, scattered between the barrels, are visible, sheltering at the foot of the folded steel pillars that support the roof.

CONTACT AND BOOKING on the Maison Troisgros website



Capital of textile creation cultivating “the taste of good living”, Roanne, in Rhône Alpes, knows how to be elegant and festive.

A stroll through the old center will take you from historic squares to pedestrian streets, market halls, from the 12th century castle to the 19th century Italian theater. Colorful facades, trompe-l’oeil painted walls, Roanne is also a port, a city of bridges under which runs the Loire.



Contact and booking planes & helicopters to go to Roanne or the Château d’Origny by phone at +33 1 44 09 91 82  or  by email