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How to make competition animals travel

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To perform in competition, show or shoot, animals must sometimes travel for many kilometers, a source of stress. The plane is privileged, especially in the framework of production or foreign competitions. We make you discover behind the scenes of the transport of these travelers “not like the others”.

They are heavy, big, nervous, it is a team that is caring for these particular passengers. Our animal freight experts prepare the boxes that will welcome our passengers (hay, water, etc.). Once the animals are ready (transport equipment installed), they embark by means of a ramp on board. For private and dangerous animals (felines, elephants, etc.), it is their transport box that will be directly loaded aboard a cargo plane.

Takeoff is the most critical moment of transport. Once this phase is completed, the animals quickly recover their calm. On board, they are cared for and pampered by their caregivers, which allows them to arrive at their destination in shape and ready for their shows, races or competitions.

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