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Traveling by plane can be a traumatic experience for our 4-legged companions.

On a commercial flight, he will travel aboard a cage that will be installed in the luggage compartment. Did you know that in the hold, noises are amplified and temperatures can go down to very low degrees? These conditions are not comfortable and can become anxiety-provoking for your pet. For you too, this mode of transportation can be worrying: seeing your pet get away at the time of check-in may be a source of stress and apprehension. On the administrative side, the steps are heavy and require that you arrive well before the time of your flight to board your companion.

AEROAFFAIRES is “pets friendly”.

With private aviation, you will be able to board with your pet. Only his identity papers will be required. To guarantee the cleanliness of the plane, we recommend to our customers accompanied by their dog or their cat, to provide a towel to protect the armchairs of the apparatus and to anticipate any “accident” which could occur during the trip. For the trip to be a serene experience, remember to bring a toy or object that your animal knows well, it will reassure, especially during takeoff and landing.

Our team will take care of all the administrative and customs procedures necessary for the transport of animals in accordance with the legislation of the countries of departure or arrival.

At the time of your reservation, you only need to inform us of your wish to travel accompanied by your animal and we will take care, with the crew, to prepare the apparatus to accomodate it in the best conditions.