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Jet Aviation is a well-known corporation renowned for its extensive offering of aviation services within the business aviation sector. Since its existence in 1967, the company has gained recognition for its dedication to safety, exceptional craftsmanship, consequent range of services and its worldwide customer service. Join AEROAFFAIRES as we explore the world of Jet Aviation.


Jet Aviation’s history 


Jet Aviation was founded by Carl W. Hirschmann in 1967 as he acquired the former Globe Air hangars in Basel, Switzerland. These hangars turned into Europe’s first maintenance facility exclusively for business aircraft. Since 2008, Jet Aviation has been under the ownership of General Dynamics, an American aerospace and defense corporation. This change in ownership solidified Jet Aviation’s position as a global leader in business and private aviation services, allowing it to continue its growth and expansion on a global scale.


The company’s strategic location in Europe, along with its unwavering dedication to delivering high-end services, earned a solid and esteemed reputation within the aviation industry. From the very foundation of the company, Jet Aviation has gone through an impressive trajectory of growth, significantly diversifying and broadening its range of services. This trajectory ultimately led Jet Aviation to ascend to a prominent position as a leader and a provider of comprehensive and sophisticated aviation solutions.


Jet Aviation’s expansion 


Jet Aviation’s global expansion


Over its first decade of operation, Jet Aviation gained substantial growth, extending its reach far beyond the borders of Switzerland. Indeed, the company settled on a continuous journey of expanding worldwide, with operations now spanning across various continents. Today, Jet Aviation has a strong presence in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas. This extensive presence encompasses approximately 50 strategically located facilities, enabling Jet Aviation to effectively serve their diverse clientele around the world.


Jet Aviation’s expansion in services


Jet Aviation’s remarkable expansion in the industry of aviation services, including those related to Jet Aviation careers, stands as a testament to its dedication to adapting to the evolving needs of the business aviation industry and its clients. With a portfolio of extensive services, Jet Aviation embraces a diverse range of offerings designed to adapt to various aviation needs. These services include:


  • FBO services (concierge services, lounges, taxis)
  • Aircraft Charter (executive jet and private jet travel)
  • Aircraft Completions / Refurbishment
  • Aircraft Maintenance,
  • Aircraft Management
  • Aviation Staffing
  • Aircraft Sales
  • Civil / Military Fleet Support


Jet Aviation also offers helicopter services that encompass maintenance, repairs, refurbishments and charter options for various purposes, similarly to its jet services.


Additionally, Jet Aviation is committed to embracing innovation and the latest advancements in technology by continuously striving to stay at the forefront of the aviation industry, perpetually incorporating cutting-edge technologies and integrating new practices into its multitude of aircraft services. 


This one step ahead approach ensures that Jet Aviation remains at the forefront of technological advancements by providing the clients with state-of-the-art solutions and services, enhancing safety, efficiency, and the overall aviation experience. Its dedication to remaining on the cutting edge of aviation technology underscores the company’s commitment to excellence and staying ahead in the corporate aviation industry.


Jet Aviation’s fleet 


Jet Aviation’s fleet by category


Jet Aviation owns an expansive in-house fleet, which encompasses a diverse and impressive fleet of over 100 aircraft, thoughtfully categorized to meet the unique and specific needs of the customers. This panoramic fleet spans across various aviation categories, effectively addressing the distinctive requirements of individuals, corporations, and other inquirers. These categories include:


  • Business liners 
  • Long-range
  • Large cabin
  • Super mid-size cabin
  • Mid cabin
  • Rotary


Jet Aviation’s fleet by models


Within this fleet, Jet Aviation put at disposal a rich and diverse selection of aircraft models, effectively adapting to the demands and preferences of the passengers. These models include:


  • Boeing BBJ1 / BBJ2
  • Gulfstream 650 / 550 / 500
  • Gulfstream G550 / G500 / G450
  • Gulfstream 650ER
  • Falcon 900EX EASy / 2000EX EASy
  • Falcon 900EX
  • Falcon 2000LX
  • Falcon 2000LXS
  • Global 6000 / 5500 / 5000
  • Global Express XRS
  • Challenger 350
  • Cessna Citation Sovereign
  • G280
  • Citation Latitude 1222
  • Pilatus PC-24
  • Hawker 900XP
  • Sikorsky S76


Jet Aviation’s diverse range of aircraft models provides unmatched flexibility. This allows the company to effectively serve short, medium, and long-distance flight requirements, offering a notable range of options to meet each customer’s needs. This variety of models ensures a customized travel experience, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.


Jet Aviation’s bases


Jet Aviation’s fleet is strategically based at key operational bases, selected to ensure efficient service across different regions. These strategically located bases serve as the operational hubs for Jet Aviation’s aviation services.


These prominent bases include Zurich Airport in Switzerland, Jet Aviation’s mother country, providing a central hub for European operations. Additionally, the company maintains a strong presence at Malta International Airport, a gateway to the Mediterranean and beyond, as well as Cologne Bonn Airport in Germany, ensuring a solid and well-connected network that underscores Jet Aviation’s commitment to serving clients with the highest convenience and accessibility. 


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  • Which destinations does Jet Aviation fly to?

    Jet Aviation serves airports and business aviation facilities around the world to meet the needs of their customers in the business aviation sector.

  • Which routes does Jet Aviation fly regularly?

    Jet Aviation does not offer scheduled flights between specific destinations. Routes and destinations depend on customers’ specific needs.

  • How to book a flight with Jet Aviation?

    To book a flight with Jet Aviation, it is possible to visit the official website and contact customer service to be guided through the booking process.