Learjet 85 a business plane born to lead

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The Learjet 85 business jet combines beauty, performance, technology and comfort for an enhanced flight experience, giving passengers unprecedented control and the ability to travel easily over long distances.

The Bombardier * Learjet * 85 jet, born of a revolutionary vision in design, consists of a structure made entirely of composite materials.

The new Learjet 85 introduces the latest generation in performance, comfort and technology in an aircraft designed to bridge the gap between the mid-market and super-middle business aviation segments.

The cabin of the Learjet 85 aircraft is an innovative and inspiring environment, thanks to the efficient configuration of its main cabin in the double-club mode, with fully reclining seats to maximize the productivity and comfort of its passengers.


Advantages of the Learjet 85: 

• Legendary Learjet performance retained with a larger and more comfortable cabin than other existing mid-size aircraft, while benefiting from dual club seating.

• cockpit with state-of-the-art design and technologies, leading the Vision cockpit

• The latest-generation Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307B engines will provide the highest level of operational efficiency and profitability while maintaining low noise and emissions

Walking distance

3 000 NM – 3 455 SM – 5 556 km

Learjet 85 cabin size

Cab length (± 1%): 24.75 feet (7.54 meters)

Cab width (± 1%): 6.08 feet (1.85 meters)

Cab height (± 1%): 5.91 feet (1.80 meters)