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Renting a medium-sized commercial aircraft to organize a group trip or a particular event such as: convention, seminar, congress, site visit or inauguration, in France or in the world can be a delicate and complicated operation during looking for planes, when you are new to the air transport industry!

Since 1991, AEROAFFAIRES specializes in medium and large capacity aircraft brokerage offers its customers a wide choice of aircraft from 10 to 400 seats that can meet your travel needs anywhere in the world through a partnership from more than 250 companies around the world rigorously selected by us for their seriousness and devices that best meet our selection criteria such as: type of aircraft, age of the fleet, reliability and seriousness of the company.

AEROAFFAIRES takes care of everything to allow its customers to work with peace of mind on the subject of their group travel, without having to suffer loss of time in search of company or constraints.

AEROAFFAIRES will quickly propose you a selection of planes corresponding exactly to your needs at the best prices and as close as possible to your departure city, to avoid you unnecessary extra costs of setting up.

Renting a commercial plane charter can of course be done anywhere in the world! from Paris, France, Europe, Middle East and the USA or Asia, AEROAFFAIRES will bring you the solution!

Type of assignable missions :

The use of a medium or large-capacity commercial airliner allows our customers to carry out group transportation such as clients, employees, guests, individuals in the context of:

· Special destination not carried out on commercial line

· Specific timetable not adapted to regular lines

· Group size

· Business seminar organization

· Convention

· business trips

· Special events: promotion, product launch, fashion, …

· Industrial or business site visit

· Incentive, event, site inauguration

· Product launch abroad

· Trade shows

· Press trip

· Sports event: relocation of supporters or sports team

· Theme Congress or Abroad

· Motivational travel, reward, …

· Participation in an international symposium

· Government delegation transportation

· Transport of guests on the occasion of a wedding, hunting, golf

To give some significant examples of missions that we carry out for our clients.

Below are some examples of commercial aircraft rentals offered by AERO AFFAIRES depending on your mission and number of passengers to be transported.

Example of small commercial aircraft rental propsed by AERO AFFAIRES for up to 19 passengers:

· Beech King Air 1900 bi turbojet 19 passengers

· Metro 23 bi turbo-booster 19 passengers

· Jetstream 32 bi turbo thruster 19 passengers

Examples of medium and large capacity aircraft rentals available from AERO AFFAIRES depending on your mission and number of passengers.

· Dornier 328 Express jet or bi-turboprop with 30 seats

· Embraer 120 bi-turboprop 30 seats

· Saab 340 bi-turboprop 34 seats

· Embraer 135 jet of 37 seats

· Embaer 145 jet of 49 seats

· CRJ 200 of 50 seats

· CRJ 900 of 90 seats

· Airbus 120/390 seats

· Boeing 120/400 seats

Included services offered by AERO BUSINESS! Home airport AERO AFFAIRES is in charge of:

· Personalized display of your flight on airport billboards and check-in desks.

· Smooth check-in at check-in counters, checking the clocking operations with the hostesses and the smooth running of the passengers boarding.

· If necessary to guide and reassure late passengers!

· The ability to customize check-in counters: such as: red carpet, safety cords, custom display, flowers on counters, greeting or highlighting your brand.

Services on board aircraft AERO AFFAIRES can also offer you to customize the device to your colors!

· Setting up headstabs with your logo

· Personal welcome message

· Proposal of meals adapted to your needs, choice, VIP range, …

· Selection of wines or champagne on board, …


To name just a few examples!

Flight tracking: AEROAFFAIRES is the assurance of having the same sales representative who will keep in touch throughout the mission with the person in charge of the file or the flight. And this, from the request for quote until the end of the mission.

AEROAFFAIRES is the guarantee to keep you informed in real time of all the operations of the flight from the pick up of the passengers at the airport until the movements planes with each departure and arrival, and allow you to work or organize the continuation of your events in all peace of mind!