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Moving by private jet: benefits and costs to consider

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Are you planning to move by private jet or by air? Do you have fragile, valuable or precious items to move from one residence to another? But you don’t know what the cost of moving by private jet is? Moving by private jet may seem like an extravagant idea, reserved for the elite. However, it can be a practical option for those with tight deadlines. But also for those who wish to avoid the hassle and inconvenience of a traditional move. Moving by private jet offers many advantages that are not available with other modes of transport. In this article, AEROAFFAIRES presents the advantages and costs to consider before making a decision to move by private jet.


The advantages of moving by private jet.


Even if you don’t automatically think about it, moving by private jet offers several advantages. AEROAFFAIRES presents 3 advantages of moving by private jet:


  • Speed and efficiency: Moving by private jet considerably reduces travel time and minimises waiting times at the airport. Flights can be organised according to the client’s specific needs. All this while avoiding the constraints of commercial airline schedules. Some airlines specialise in air freight. This guarantees a level of expertise and know-how. The teams know how to handle the furniture, objects and all the items to be moved.


  • Comfort and convenience: Private planes offer a higher level of comfort than commercial airlines. With spacious seats, personalized meals and a relaxed atmosphere, our clients who use private jets to move enjoy a smooth and comfortable transition. In addition, clients can bring their personal items without having to worry about weight and size restrictions. The aircraft will be chosen according to the load of personal belongings to be moved.


  • Privacy and security: Private jet flights guarantee the privacy and security of clients. Passengers avoid airport queues and rigorous security checks. In addition, they avoid crowds in the boarding lounges and lounge areas. In addition, passengers can travel with valuables without fear of theft or damage. Finally, there are no restrictions on taking your pets with you. AEROAFFAIRES will take care of their transportation.


What are the costs of moving by private jet?


Aircraft and crew costs.


The cost of a private jet move depends on several factors. These factors may include the distance travelled, the type of aircraft used, the duration of the flight, the number of crew members required and the volume of cargo transported.


  • The cost of hiring a private jet: This can vary considerably depending on the size and model of the aircraft. Smaller, older aircraft tend to cost less, while larger, newer aircraft can be much more expensive. Hourly rates for private jet hire can range from a few thousand euros to tens of thousands of euros.


  • Crew costs: These costs also depend on the type of aircraft and the duration of the flight. In general, the longer the flight, the more crew members are needed to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers. Flight crews may include a pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer and cabin crew. The total cost of crews can vary from a few thousand euros to several tens of thousands of euros.


  • Cargo cost: This will depend on the amount of goods to be transported and the distance flown. Private jet companies may charge by weight or volume, whichever is higher. Freight costs can vary from a few thousand euros to several hundred thousand euros.


It is important to note that these costs are generally estimates. They can vary depending on many factors, such as

  • availability of aircraft and crew
  • taxes
  • landing and parking fees
  • other incidental costs.

Fuel and maintenance costs.


Fuel and maintenance costs are also important costs when moving by private jet. The cost of fuel depends on

  • the fuel consumption of the aircraft
  • the distance travelled
  • the regions and airports and fuel prices where the aircraft is refuelled
  • the time period



It should be noted that, quite logically, larger and heavier aircraft consume more fuel. This translates into higher costs.


As far as maintenance costs are concerned, these depend on many factors, such as

  • the type and age of the aircraft
  • the complexity of the systems on board the aircraft
  • the number of flying hours accumulated
  • the regular maintenance and repairs required

Other expenses to consider.


In addition to the costs of aircraft hire, staff and fuel, there are several other expenses to consider when moving by private jet. Here are some of them:


  • Processing and customs fees: if you are moving to another country, there may be processing and customs fees for your goods. These fees vary depending on the quantity and value of the goods you are transporting.


  • Parking fees: If the private jet is parked at the airport, there will be a parking fee to pay. These fees vary depending on the length of time you park and the airport.


  • Cleaning charges: If you leave rubbish or debris in the aircraft, you may be charged for cleaning costs.


It is important to take all these expenses into account when assessing the total cost of a private jet move.


How do you assess whether a private jet move is a viable option?


Comparison of costs between different removal options.


It is difficult to make an accurate comparison of costs between the different removal options. This is because costs vary depending on many factors as we have seen above.

However, here are some things to consider when comparing costs between different moving options:


  • Road transport: road transport may be cheaper than air transport for short distance moves, but it may take longer. Costs also depend on the amount of goods transported and the distance travelled.


  • Sea transport: Sea transport can be cheaper than air transport for international moves, but it may take longer. Costs also depend on the quantity of goods transported, the distance travelled and customs fees.


  • Air transport: Air transport can be more expensive than road and sea transport, but it can be faster and more convenient for long-distance moves or for valuable goods. Costs also depend on the size and weight of the goods being transported, as well as taxes and customs fees.


  • Moving by private jet: moving by private jet can be the most expensive of the options, but it can be useful for urgent moves or for valuable goods. Costs also depend on the distance travelled, the size and weight of the goods being transported, and taxes and customs duties.


Which aircraft should I use to move?


The choice of aircraft for a move depends on several factors. These include

  • the quantity and size of the goods being transported
  • the distance to be travelled
  • the budget
  • personal preferences.


Here are some of the types of aircraft that can provide a private jet move:


  • Light private jets: Light jets are often used for small removals, as they have limited storage capacity. They are also cheaper than other types of aircraft and can be used for short and medium distance flights.


  • Mid-size private jets: mid-size jets have more storage capacity than light jets, making them more suitable for medium-sized moves. They can also fly longer distances and are often equipped with additional amenities, such as toilets and kitchens.


  • Long-range or regional private jets: Regional or long-haul jets are the largest and most spacious of the private jets. They are an ideal choice for large moves. They have maximum storage capacity and can be equipped with amenities such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens.


Entrust your removal by private jet to AEROAFFAIRES.


We have assisted several clients during the transition period that a move represents. Stress, formalities, organisation, delegate your move to AEROAFFAIRES. Our team, with its know-how and its large network of serious and controlled airlines, will know how to charter the most suitable aircraft. To request a personalised, no obligation quote. Our air transport experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on + 33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82 or by e-mail: You can also fill in our online quote and receive a reply within two hours.

  • What is a private jet move?

    A private jet move is a moving option in which the goods are transported on board a rented private aircraft.

  • How do I choose a plane for a private jet move?

    The choice of aircraft for a private jet move will depend on the quantity and size of goods being transported, the distance to be covered, budget and personal preference.

  • What types of goods can be transported in a private jet move?

    The types of goods that can be transported on a private jet move depend on the storage capacity of the aircraft. In general, goods such as furniture, appliances, clothing and personal effects can be transported.

  • How long does it take to organise a move by private jet?

    The time required to organise a private jet move will depend on the availability of the aircraft and crew, and the planning required to transport the goods.