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Onboard Courier : express delivery service by private jet.

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Need to ship an important item or package securely, quickly, and efficiently? Is a key piece missing from your collection for Fashion Week? Need to deliver a high-value bag to a customer living on the other side of the world? The unbeatable solution is to use an express delivery service by plane: the Onboard Courier. Established as a premium express delivery method, this service is primarily aimed at businesses and individuals who need to send valuable and important packages. AEROAFFAIRES explains in detail how the Onboard Courier service works, its advantages, and its prices.


What is the Onboard Courier service?


The Onboard Courier service is a fast and secure air delivery solution for urgent and important shipments. Throughout the private jet journey, a professional courier accompanies the package. These urgent flights are a way to guarantee speed, security, and reliability.


Comment fonctionne le Onboard Courier par avion privé ?


How does the Onboard Courier service by private jet work?

The principle of this service is simple: a courier, called an “Onboard Courier” or “Airmate”, travels on a private jet with the package in their carry-on baggage to hand-deliver it to the recipient upon arrival. The courier accompanies the shipment throughout its journey, avoiding the risks of loss, theft or delayed delivery.

This service is particularly used by:

  • Businesses
  • Government organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Individuals who need to make urgent and critical shipments that cannot be delivered through traditional distribution channels.

This service guarantees international delivery. This premium express delivery can be performed in various aircraft, such as:

Although this service is more expensive than traditional delivery services, it is often the only option for urgent shipments. It allows for fast and secure delivery.

Packages are also required to comply with customs and security regulations in each country where the couriers travel.

What types of shipments are delivered by air via Onboard Courier?


In most cases, the Onboard Courier service provides transportation for:

  • Packages
  • Important documents (contracts, files…)
  • Medical samples
  • Spare parts
  • Exceptional objects (artworks, jewelry, fashion items)

All of this is done within a very short period of time, usually just a few hours or days.


What are the advantages of the Onboard Courier service?


This premium service is characterized by several key elements that set it apart from traditional delivery services:


  • Speed: The main advantage of the Onboard Courier service is its speed. Delivered in just a few hours or days, it is an ideal and efficient solution for urgent shipments.


  • Security: The premium Onboard Courier service guarantees a high level of security for the transported shipments. The professional courier accompanies the shipment throughout its journey, thereby reducing the risks of loss, theft, or damage.


  • Reliability: The Onboard Courier service is very reliable, as the shipments are transported by experienced and qualified couriers. They are real experts in premium delivery.


  • Flexibility: This service offers great flexibility in terms of destinations, modes of transportation, and types of shipments.


  • Tracking: Customers have access to real-time tracking tools to monitor the progress of their shipments and can benefit from dedicated customer service to answer their questions or resolve any potential issues.


Who are the airmates?


Who are the airmates?

Airmates, also known as “onboard couriers,” are professional couriers who accompany packages (goods, products, etc.) transported by the premium Onboard Courier service, especially during urgent flights on private jets.


Profile of airmates:


Airmates are usually independent workers or employees of logistics companies specializing in emergency delivery. They are selected for their availability and ability to transport a package safely and discreetly.

They have the necessary qualifications to travel internationally, such as:

  • Valid passports
  • Visas if necessary
  • Knowledge of customs and security procedures applicable in each country.


Role of airmates in the Onboard Courier service:


The role of couriers is to transport the shipment in their carry-on baggage. They ensure the security of the package and the delivery.

These premium couriers are also responsible for communicating with the client. They provide updates on the status of the shipment and answer any questions.


How much does the Onboard Courier service cost?


Inevitably, the cost of an Onboard Courier service is higher than traditional delivery methods, such as classic air freight. However, it is still difficult to accurately evaluate because it depends on many factors.

Among these factors, we find:

  • The distance to travel
  • The size and weight of the shipment
  • The desired delivery time

The exact price of the premium Onboard Courier service will therefore depend on the specific needs of each client and the travel itinerary.

It is the quality of the tailor-made service of the Onboard Courier that explains the costs incurred. The rapid delivery of critical or high-value packages justifies the price of this premium service.



Benefit from the Onboard Courier service with AEROAFFAIRES:


As air charter experts for over 30 years, the entire AEROAFFAIRES team is available for your requests regarding the premium Onboard Courier service or any of our other specialized solutions. Turning to AEROAFFAIRES ensures personalized support, from the request for a quote to the landing of the aircraft.

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