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Pilatus Unveils PC-12 NGX

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Versatile, safe and reliable, this is what characterizes the PC-12, a private jet much appreciated by AEROAFFAIRES customers. But the manufacturer Pilatus goes further with its new model, the PC-12 NGX, unveiled during the NBAA-BASE convention. With a great Swiss expertise in aeronautics and innovative amenities, this newborn has the ambition to touch the clouds with splendor and radiance. Aimed at business people and families wishing to travel, the PC-12 NGX takes it to the next level by combining performance, technology, accessibility and magnificence.

The PC-12 NGX, a real jewel of technology

The PC-12 NGX has the new PT6E-Series turboprop from Pratt & Whitney Canada, one of the most powerful in its range, which allows the Pilatus to climb faster and increase its maximum speed by 570 km/h at 30,000 feet (9,100 m).

A state-of-the-art digital connection analyzes hundreds of parameters in flight. It allows prediction of engine operation and proactive maintenance planning. As a result, greatly reduced operating costs.

The cockpit is just as amazing in technology. The PC-12 NGX features Honeywell’s Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE) interface, which provides improved avionics. Its intelligent cockpit has many other devices: digital auto-joystick, touch screen, 3D audio, automatic emergency descent mode or even a trajectory aid. With such a cockpit, the pilot’s workload is reduced and safety is reinforced.

Pilatus enhances the accessibility of its flagship model

Pilatus has designed its latest PC-12 NGX private jet with accessibility in mind. It has a maximum range of 3,426 km and needs a very short take-off distance of 2,485 feet (750 m) on any type of runway. Thus, more than 21,000 airports around the world are accessible with it.

The cabin is also expanding, from a capacity of 8 to 10 people. It can also be transformed to carry out any type of mission thanks to a new very large cargo door (1.35 m x 1.32 m).
The PC-12 NGX private jet is therefore the most versatile turboprop in terms of mission capability: air cargo transport, medical transport or even surveillance missions. Trust AEROAFFAIRES for all these delicate situations, our experts will find solutions adapted to all your constraints.

A new and unequaled pomp 

Performance was not at the expense of comfort for the PC-12 NGX private jet. The aircraft is an exemplary accomplishment in terms of design and refinement.

The cabin windows have been enlarged by 10% to improve the experience of passengers in flight. Their new rectangular shape concedes a completely distinct image for this new model.

The cabin has been completely redesigned too by BMW Designworks. Passenger seats are arranged to provide maximum freedom of movement and can be fully reclined if necessary. And the interior is marked by dominant European refined leather and customizable handmade seams.

Finally, workspaces are imagined for professionals with the latest Wi-Fi and connectivity technologies. The new air conditioning system also offers better and quieter air distribution.

Book now a flight on PC-12 or any other Pilatus aircraft with AEROAFFAIRES. Discuss your preferences at any time with our experts who are available 24/7 to find the jet that suits you best. Private jet, helicopter, long-haul jet or commercial plane, we charter your aircraft in 2 hours at the best price.