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You would like to fly by private jet? Charter a private aircraft and enjoy a tailor-made flight with an experienced pilot.

The dilemma is sometimes difficult: buying or renting a private jet with a pilot, which is more profitable? It turns out that renting a private jet remains the most economical solution in the long term. So choose the device you want to any destination and we will charter it to you with a dedicated crew and certified pilots. AEROAFFAIRES will thus ensure you a personalised flight in complete safety, the pilot playing a central role in the charter of your private jet.


The pilots and the plane are one when renting a private jet

Becoming a private jet pilot is the dream of many aviation enthusiasts. It is also the culmination of several years of pilot training and certifications obtained throughout Europe. After these steps, the pilot-in-command is ready to be assigned to an aircraft. He becomes an employee of an airline company, which then assigns him an aircraft. The pilot is the only person who can take off with the aircraft entrusted to him.

After some time spent on one airplane, many evolutions are offered: flying on a larger private jet, flying with a specific aircraft, etc. But whatever the pilot’s progression, he will always remain the sole master of the aircraft assigned to him. This assignment of aircraft allows aviators to perfectly master the private jet and to be able to react easily in case of an incident. This make flights safer for the passenger and the pilot is more confident.


Certified pilots and safety

Chartering a private jet with AEROAFFAIRES ensures you a safe flight with certified pilots. Our pilots are professionals, often former fighter pilots. Qualifications are checked every 6 months. In addition, before each flight we make sure that the pilot has the necessary take-off and landing skills regardless of the terrain. Renting a private plane with a pilot for Courchevel, a tricky airstrip, is therefore not a problem. With more than 95 000 passengers carried since its creation, the reliability of AEROAFFAIRES is no longer to be demonstrated, and this is thanks to the skills of our pilots.

Moreover, when chartering a private aircraft belonging to an airline company, public transport regulations are required. Any private jet operator providing a global passenger transport service must obtain its Air Operator Certificate (AOC).

Public passengers transport is based on several elements, with the pilot at the center:

  • Pilots hold the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License), which gives them all the knowledge and skills required for public passengers transport.
  • It is mandatory to have two pilots controlling the aircraft. The two pilots know each other and master the plane to perfection.
  • Finally, there are operational constraints. Even though pilots have all the skills to land an aircraft on a very short runway, they must respect a safety margin imposed upon landing. For example, in order to comply with the AOC, a private jet certified by the aviation authorities to land on a 1,000-metre runway can only land on a 1,600-metre runway. This is why Courchevel Airport, which has a very short runway, is home to many privately-owned planes. However, with an airline company, only two aircrafts are allowed to land: the Vulcanair P 68 Turbo Commander and the Vulcanair Aviator TP 600. This may seem restrictive, but it avoids all accidents caused by non-compliance with this safety margin.


Being pilot: a difficult passion

Having your head in the clouds and travelling all the time can seem like a dream for many people. However, reality quickly catches up with pilots. This daily lifestyle is stressful and not always compatible with family life. In order to keep pilots motivated, airlines make every effort to ensure that family life and business travel can be reconciled.

  • High-end residences welcome the crews and offer them many services.
  • The trips are planned two months in advance and the pilot has a real strength in choosing his trips. His schedule is very flexible.
  • Once the work rhythm is integrated by the pilot, it allows him to adapt and take full advantage of its extra-professional life.
  • The pilots’ morale and motivation are monitored to ensure optimum safety for passengers. Indeed, young pilots tend to appreciate frequent business trips. However, in the long run, all these flights away from home lead to a loss of motivation. The majority of pilot retirements is related to family reasons and the need for rest.


Thus, renting a private jet with a pilot is a very cost-effective transportation solution. Beyond the economic aspect, it allows you to live an experience with a qualified, certified and above all passionate crew.