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Private jet: what is the customer profile?

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While the world comes to a standstill in 2021, private aviation is seeing record numbers of private jet flights. But in 2022, who has the privilege of flying on a private jet? Do you have to be a billionaire or a footballer to fly in a private jet? The world of private aviation questions, intrigues and feeds the collective imagination with preconceived ideas about private jets and their clients. Are private jet trips really so exclusive? What is the reality behind private flights? Who really travels by private jet? AEROAFFAIRES reveals everything about private jet travel and draws up a profile of the clientele travelling by private jet in 2022.


Business clientele travels by private jet


Company directors fly on private jets for business and private purposes :


Not only Bernard Arnault, Martin Bouygues or Pierre Fabre travel by private jet. Great power, great responsibility, great means of travel. Company directors have the onerous task of keeping the “shop” running and their turnover at its highest level. This often means signing major contracts across Europe and the world.


Time and efficiency are crucial for business customers. AEROAFFAIRES regularly charters private jets for company directors who have last-minute obligations. Business aviation is therefore a real tool for economic development.


For our clients, using business aviation to travel allows them to :

  • time saving : a recent study has shown that business aviation can reduce travel times by 2.5 hours compared to conventional travel via commercial routes.


  • flexibility : in business aviation, last-minute changes are not a problem: there are no time constraints. Private flight hours can be changed at your preference. Moreover, business aviation has access to more than 25,000 airports worldwide, allowing passengers to land or take off in the closest private jet to their destination.


  • high level of comfort : business leaders have to travel a lot and are often under pressure. A comfortable environment is a real advantage to allow them to continue working while travelling, or to take a good rest before their next meetings.


Corporate seminars


Company directors are not the only ones who come to us. Every year, several international companies call on AEROAFFAIRES to organise a trip for company seminars. Indeed, travelling by private jet and chartering a private aircraft for a group is usually not much more expensive than buying a ticket on a commercial airline for each participant. There are many advantages of flying by private jet for seminars:

  • There are no time constraints : in business aviation, everything is done to ensure that the client has as few constraints as possible. The schedules are chosen by the trip organizers.
  • The aircraft is fully privatized, allowing the business seminar to start as soon as the passengers arrive at the airport.
  • It is possible to personalize and decorate the aircraft with the company’s colors to make the trip even more unique.
  • Create a corporate atmosphere and memories that foster a sense of belonging. Chartering a private jet for a seminar is an incredible and unique experience that companies offer to their employees.


Private clients use private jets to travel


Retired company directors fly on a private jet with family: 


Customers from the “private clients” category, are mainly former company directors who retired. Often anonymous and discreet, they use private aviation for comfort, in order to enjoy good times with their families. Their favorite destinations are Switzerland and the French Riviera (Corsica, Saint-Tropez, Cannes or Monaco). These clients usually book their flights in advance. There is little urgency on this type of trip.


Show-business celebrities and footballers rent private jets :


It’s not a myth… show-business stars or footballers often fly on private jets. Private aviation give them access to many destinations. They can travel in complete privacy and in perfect anonymity. Pictures of stars and footballers travelling on private jets fuel their notoriety on social networks.


Very special travellers charter private jets :


EVASAN : patients fly on private jets for medical evacuation


Did you know that medical evacuations were carried out on board a private jet? It’s a special private jet profile travellers. Some medical emergencies require the use of a private jet (organ transport, medical evacuation, air ambulance). Adaptable and flexible, their cabins can be easily transformed to be medicalised. They can be used to receive patients during repatriations. These passengers have specific travel needs and require an adapted care, in adapted conditions. Depending on the type of aircraft, several stretchers can be placed in a private jet cabin. These situations are not as exceptional as they seem. By 2021, EVASAN flights will account for 8% of private jet flights in Europe.


Travel agencies and private concierges rent private jets :


It may be less popular, but it is quite common for AEROAFFAIRES to charter aircraft for private concierges or travel agencies. One of the main asset of private aviation is efficiency. Private concierges are regularly subjected to unexpected customer requests and need to know that they can rely on a responsive team, such as AEROAFFAIRES. All concierge companies that book private jet flights know they can trust AEROAFFAIRES to meet their clients’ travel needs.


Production companies use private jets for filming :


Whether it’s for a single scene in a box-office movie, a commercial or an aerial shot, production companies are using private jets.

This is a new profile of private jet clients that you may not have expected. Pay attention when you watch a movie, there are sometimes scenes on board a private jet. To shot these scenes, production companies hire a private jet, which usually stays on the ground. This way, the actors can shoot their scene in complete safety and in ‘real life conditions’.


2021 or the emergence of a new clientele: young, mobile and connected


Unexpectedly, in 2021, while commercial aviation has been at a standstill for months, business aviation has attracted a new clientele, new profiles come to private jet handlings.


Since 2020, there has been a 20% increase in private flights. The closure of borders and flights cancellation for commercial routes have contributed significantly to this increase. Business aviation has been able to respond to the travel needs of a slightly younger, mobile and connected clientele.


Despite the current jet bashing, business aviation remains above all a travel tool. It offers much more flexibility and responsiveness than commercial aviation. Of course, flying on a private plane is quite expensive. But, private jet customers see benefits that drive them to use private aviation rather than commercial aviation. Private jet customers are not just rich billionaires and businessmen, but .


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