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Albert-Picardie : introduction

Albert-Picardie Airport, also known as Albert-Bray or Albert-Méaulte airfield, is open to public air traffic. It is dedicated to business aviation and specialised charters, although its primary commercial vocation is to host the Beluga cargo aircraft.

Located in Picardy in the commune of Méaulte (Somme), 4.9 km south-east of Albert, you can take advantage of a service offer for companies, works councils and associations with the creation of tailor-made flights. It can accommodate all types of private jet as well as Airbus cargo aircraft.

AEROAFFAIRES tells you everything you need to know about organising your flight from Albert-Picardie Airport.


History of Albert-Picardie Airport

  • 1916 : installation of an airfield at “Croix Comtesse” to the west of the current runway. This airfield hosts several French reconnaissance and bombing squadrons who take part in the Battle of the Somme.
  • 1924 : the aircraft manufacturer, Henri Potez, decides to set up in the region. The private airfield of Albert-Méaulte is built near the factory to serve as a test area for the aircraft built there.
  • 1939 : plans to reactivate the 1916 airfield are considered in order to allow the Air Force to use the site as a “loosening” airfield.
  • 1940 : the German offensive did not allow them to be reactivated. During the occupation, the site was not used but the factory was required to participate in the war effort.
  • 1940-1944 : the factory is bombed eleven times. After the liberation, the factory is restored to its original state in order to resume production.
  • 1945-1947 : a new runway is built to the east of “Croix Comtesse”, with a taxiway leading directly to the factory. This new platform is named Albert-Bray.
  • 2007 : the runway is extended in order to link the factory to other aeronautical production centres in the framework of European cooperation. The Albert-Bray site is also opened to civil traffic and becomes the Albert-Picardie airport.

Price examples for private jet rental to and from Albert-Picardy

Albert-Picardie (Albert-Bray) – Milan

  • Aircraft category : Light private jet
  • Duration : 1h15
  • Number of passengers : 4 to 11 depending on the type of aircraft
  • Price estimate : from €10,500

Albert-Picardie (Albert-Bray) – Nice

  • Aircraft category : Turboprop
  • Duration : 1h55
  • Number of passengers : 4 to 19 depending on aircraft type
  • Price estimate : from €8,400

Albert-Picardie (Albert-Bray) – Madrid

  • Aircraft category : Light private jet
  • Duration : 2 hours
  • Number of passengers : 4 to 11 depending on aircraft type
  • Price estimate : from €16,400


Would you like to organise a business trip or a private family flight to or from Albert-Picardie ?

Our team can book private jets certified in Public Transport and provide you with operational assistance before your departure and until your arrival at your destination, in complete confidentiality.

AEROAFFAIRES is also a committed company. To find out more, visit our SkyCO2 page on our commitment to biodiversity.

Our on-demand flight service is available 7/7-24H/24H; contact us on + 33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82. We can also be reached by email at, or we will respond to your request for an online quote as soon as possible.

Practical information about Albert-Picardie Airport

Albert-Picardy Airport covers an area of 178 hectares. It has two runways.

Albert-Picardie Airport coordinates

  • Airport Code : BYF
  • Latitude : 49° 58′ 16” N
  • Longitude : 02° 41′ 32” E
  • Altitude : 111 meters
  • Runway length : 1,000 m and 2,200 m.

This airport is open to national and international commercial traffic and can accommodate private aircraft.

Location & access to Albert-Picardy Airport

  • Address : Airport – 1 Rue Henry Potez, 80300 Méaulte
  • Coordinates : 49° 58′ 16” north / 02° 41′ 32″ east
  • Altitude : 111 m
  • Access : the airfield records almost 9,500 movements per year.

Located 4.9 km south-east of Albert, it will take you about 8 minutes to reach it by car from the town.

If you wish, AEROAFFAIRES can take care of your transfer by hiring you a car with a private driver.

Recommendations for the Picardy region

Where to stay near Albert?

During your stay in the town, hotels and guest houses are available to welcome you.



What to do in Albert?

A nice visit to the Somme 1916 Museum is offered to you. You can retrace the steps of one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War.

After a good meal in a local restaurant, the Parc de L’Epopée et de l’Industrie Aéronautique opens its doors to you.

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