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Bayreuth : introduction

Bayreuth Airport, called Verkehrslandeplatz Bayreuth, is open to international and public civil air traffic.

Located in the municipality of Bindlach, 8.2 km from Bayreuth, it can accommodate gliders, fire-fighting vehicles, turboprops, light jets and helicopters.

AEROAFFAIRES tells you everything you need to know about organising your flight from Bayreuth Airport.


History of Bayreuth Airport

  • 1930 : The area now occupied by the airport is used for the first time for a gliding competition. In the following years, the Luftwaffe built an air base here but, at the request of Adolf Hitler, no combat units were installed.
  • 1945 : the air base was bombed by the US Army, which later decided to establish a large garrison there.
  • 1953 : permission is granted to build a small airstrip to the south-east of the air base.
  • 1973 : The city of Bayreuth resumes operations at the airfield. In the following years, the airfield is modernised with additional buildings and classified as a regional airport.
  • 1979 : A control zone is established.
  • 1982 : The Gliding Championship is held at the airfield and the runway is extended to 1,055 m.
  • 1986 : The city of Bayreuth hands over the airport grounds to the German federal government.
  • 1992 : The runway is extended again to 1,206 metres.
  • 1995 : The City of Bayreuth buys additional land to the north of the airport to build new runways for gliders.
  • 1999 : The airport hosts the World Gliding Championship.

Practical information about Bayreuth Airport

Bayreuth Airport has four runways.

The coordinates of Bayreuth Airport

  • Airport Code : BYU
  • Latitude : 49° 59′ 08″ N
  • Longitude : 11° 38′ 24″ E
  • Altitude : 488 m
  • Runway lengths : 800m, 900m, 1082m and 1100m.

This airport can accommodate private aircraft.

Location & access to Bayreuth Airport

  • Adress : Flugplatzstraße 1, 95463 Bindlach, Germany
  • Coordinates : 49° 59′ 08″ nord / 11° 38′ 24″ est
  • Altitude : 488 m

Located 8.2km of Bayreuth, it will take you approximately 12 minutes to reach by car from the city.

If you wish, AEROAFFAIRES can arrange your transfer by hiring a car with a private driver.

Recommendations on the town of Bayreuth

Where to stay near the airfield?

During your stay, hotels and guest houses are available to accommodate you. However, AEROAFFAIRES recommends that you book a room at the Posthotel Alexander Herrmann, located approximately 19 minutes from the airport.

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