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Beechcraft Baron G58: introduction


The Beechcraft Baron G58 is a twin-engine aircraft developed by Beechcraft. Renowned for its high performance and versatility, it offers an ideal combination of power and efficiency. Find out more about this unique aircraft from AEROAFFAIRES.

Beechcraft Baron G58: a little history


The Beechcraft Baron G58 has a rich history dating back to the early decades of the Baron family. First introduced in the 1960s, the Baron has evolved to become one of Beechcraft’s most popular and versatile twin-engine aircraft.

The history of the Baron G58 is characterized by a constant commitment to innovation and quality. Over the years, successive models have incorporated technological advances, performance improvements and avionics innovations, while preserving the timeless elegance that characterizes the Baron family.

The Beechcraft Baron G58 embodies the perfect fusion of power and efficiency. Designed to meet the varied needs of private owners, corporate clients and flight operators, the Baron G58 has established itself as the preferred choice for business travel, leisure escapades and specialized missions.

Over the decades, the Beechcraft Baron G58 has remained at the forefront of general aviation, seducing aviation enthusiasts with its reliable performance, iconic design and cabin comfort. History continues to be written for the Baron G58, perpetuating the legacy of a lineage that has brilliantly combined tradition and innovation.


Benefits of the Beechcraft Baron G58


  • Versatility: the Baron G58 excels in a variety of missions, whether business, leisure or special. Its versatile design makes it an ideal companion for different operational requirements.
  • Performance: Powered by two Continental IO-550C engines, the G58 offers impressive performance. It can reach high cruising speeds while maintaining fuel efficiency, offering a fast and economical flying experience.
  • Comfort: The Baron G58’s spacious cabin is designed to provide optimum passenger comfort. With well-appointed seats and a carefully thought-out interior, occupants can enjoy a pleasant flying experience.
  • Technology: The G58’s cockpit is equipped with modern avionics, offering pilots state-of-the-art navigation systems and sophisticated flight controls. This contributes to the aircraft’s safety and ease of use.


Example of a Beechcraft Baron G58 route price


Paris-Lyon / 2 passengers: from €6,750


Equivalent jet: Cessna 303


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Commercial features of BEECHCRAFT BARON G58

  • Versatility
  • Profitability
  • Maintenance

Key Benefits of BEECHCRAFT BARON G58

  • Comfort
  • Power
  • Design

Technical specifications of BEECHCRAFT BARON G58

General informations

  • Manufacturer BEECHCRAFT
  • Classification Turboprop Aircrafts
  • Crew 1 pilot
  • Seats 5
  • Luggage compartment volume 1,3 m³
  • Toilet no
  • Hourly rates 1 140 €/hour
  • Purchase Price 290 000 €


  • Interior Height 1,34 m
  • Interior Width 1,43 m


  • Cruising speed 370 km/h
  • Range 1 500 km

Performance of the Beechcraft Baron G58

  • Maximum speed 374 km/h
  • Autonomy 1 500 km
  • Cruising speed 370 km/h
  • Ceiling 6 305 m

Beechcraft Baron G58 dimensions

  • Lenght 9,09 m
  • Height 2,97 m
  • Span 11,53 m

Beechcraft Baron G58 engines

  • Motors 2 Continental IO-550C engines

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Beechcraft baron G58-3 vue intérieure

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Beechcraft baron G58-3 vue intérieure

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  • What is the maximum speed of the Beechcraft Baron G58?

    The maximum speed of the Beechcraft Baron G58 is 374 km/h. Its cruising speed is 370 km/h.

  • Why rent a Beechcraft Baron G58?

    Renting a Beechcraft Baron G58 is ideal for short itineraries with 4-5 people.

  • How much does a Beechcraft Baron G58 cost?

    A Beechcraft Baron G58 costs around €1,140 per hour to rent. For a new purchase, the price of this small aircraft is around €290,000.

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