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Semi-private flights: how does it work?

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Semi-private flights are a type of air transport that falls between commercial flights and private flights. This concept is associated with private jet charters or services that allow individuals or small groups to share a private aircraft, reducing the overall cost compared to a fully private flight. This innovative concept has gained prominence as a sophisticated solution and unique opportunity to share the luxurious confines of a private aircraft. Join AEROAFFAIRES as we dive into the world of semi-private flights, where exclusivity meets cost-efficiency.


The advantages of semi-private flights


The advantages of semi-private flights are quite remarkable and revolutionnal. By combining the comfort of a private aircraft and a cost closer to a commercial flight, this alternative is a notable and ideal balance. These advantages include:


  • Flexibility


Unlike commercial flights with fixed and limited schedules, semi-private jet flights offer a level of flexibility that is game-changer for travelers. Passengers are offered larger choices for their itineraries, as well as more options for departure times or landing at more convenient airports, suiting their needs and desires.


  • Time-saving


No more long security lines and crowded airport terminals. Semi-private flights often operate from private terminals, offering an efficient boarding process. This time-saving advantage is particularly valuable for travelers with tight schedules or seeking a stress-free travel experience.


  • Privacy


Semi-private flights offer to passengers a level of privacy and discretion that is unmatched in commercial aviation. With reduced crowds and exclusive access to private terminals, semi-private flights ensure a higher sense of intimacy, allowing passengers to travel with peace of mind and confidence in their personal space. The atmosphere of privacy elevates the entire travel experience.


  • Luxury


From FBOs, to spacious comfortable cabins and personalized in-flight services, semi-private flights deliver an elevated and high-end travel experience. Passengers can enjoy the journey with ample legroom, restoration options, and flight crew services, creating an overall luxurious atmosphere.


  • Budget-friendly


The cost-sharing model of semi-private flights significantly reduces the financial barrier to accessing private aviation. This democratization of luxury travel allows a broader audience to experience the perks of flying on a private charter jet.


The ways to book semi-private flights


There are a few ways to book semi-private flights. These options include:


  • Charter brokers


Charter brokers act as intermediaries between travelers and business jet operators in order to facilitate the booking process for passengers and offer them the best option possible for their needs. Semi-private flights is one option charter brokers can offer. They can assist in organizing semi-private flights by matching individuals or groups with similar travel plans.


  • Membership programs


Joining a private jet membership program is a very common option to book semi-private flights. Many companies offer membership packages that provide access to a fleet of private aircraft. Members can then book seats on available flights within the program, enjoying the flexibility and benefits associated with the membership.


  • Operators


Contacting private plane charter companies directly is a common method. Many companies specialize in semi-private flights and can provide information about available routes, schedules and pricing, and can assist in coordinating shared airplane charter flights or direct passengers to their membership programs.


  • Travel agencies specializing in private aviation


Some traditional travel agencies specialize in private aviation services. These agencies can assist in arranging semi-private flights, ensuring that clients have access to a selection of options that align with their preferences and schedules.


Models of aircraft for semi-private flights


The type of aircraft used can vary regarding semi-private flights. Aircraft models adapt to routes and destinations, and so the capacity of passengers. These models can be divided into categories, including: 


  • Midsize Jets:
    • Pilatus PC-12
    • King Air 350i


  • Super midsize jets
    • Challenger 300


  • Large Jets
    • Bombardier Challenger 850
    • Embraer Legacy 600


  • Regional aircraft:
    • Embraer E135
    • Embraer E145
    • Bombardier CRJ200


These jets accommodate diverse travel needs, ranging from short-haul regional flights to long-distance journeys. Each of these aircraft exemplifies the adaptability required to meet the diverse demands of semi-private aviation, ensuring a tailored and enjoyable experience for passengers.


The companies offering semi-private flight services


Some companies offer or specialize in semi-private flight services, including:


  • JSX


JSX, or JetSuiteX, is a semi-private airline specializing in short-haul regional flights. Recognized for its focus on convenience, JSX offers a more efficient and comfortable travel experience with fewer passengers, quicker check-ins, and spacious Embraer jets. Operating primarily in select regions of the United States, JSX utilizes private terminals to streamline the boarding process, making it an attractive option for those seeking a hassle-free and time-saving alternative to traditional commercial air travel.


  • Wheels up


Wheels Up is a private aviation company that provides membership-based access to a fleet of private aircraft. Catering to a range of travel needs, Wheels Up offers a variety of membership programs, including individual, corporate, and enterprise options.

Members gain access to a diverse fleet of aircraft, from turboprops to midsize and large-cabin jets, allowing for flexibility in meeting different travel requirements. The company emphasizes its proprietary technology platform, which simplifies the booking process and enhances the overall user experience. Wheels Up aims to make private aviation more accessible and cost-effective through its membership model, appealing to individuals and businesses looking for on-demand, reliable, and personalized air travel solutions.


  • Blade 


Blade has offered semi-private flight options in addition to its traditional private charter services. Blade often operates scheduled flights along popular routes, allowing individual passengers to book single seats on helicopters or small planes. These scheduled flights, sometimes referred to as “semi-private” or “by-the-seat” options, provide a more cost-effective alternative to full private charters. Passengers can use Blade’s mobile app to browse available routes, select their preferred flight times, and book individual seats.


  • Surf Air


Surf Air, founded in 2013, revolutionizes air travel with its subscription-based model, offering members unlimited flights within its regional network for a monthly fee. Catering to those seeking a more convenient and private travel experience, Surf Air’s all-you-can-fly concept allows members to enjoy hassle-free regional flights on turboprop aircraft. With a focus on technology-driven booking through a mobile app, Surf Air provides a unique alternative to traditional commercial air travel, offering a more streamlined and exclusive journey for its members.


  • Set Jet


Set Jet stands as a prominent player in the private aviation industry, offering an exclusive and luxurious travel experience through its membership-based model. With a focus on scheduled flights between popular destinations, Set Jet provides individuals with the opportunity to book individual seats on private jets, blending the convenience of commercial travel with the opulence of private aviation.

The service is known for its commitment to safety, security, and delivering a premium travel experience, often featuring upscale amenities and access to private terminals. For the latest information on Set Jet’s services and offerings, it’s advisable to visit their official website or contact them directly.


  • XO


XO, a leader in private aviation, offers a comprehensive suite of services, including on-demand private jet charters and membership programs catering to frequent travelers. With a fleet encompassing midsize, super-midsize, and long-range aircraft, XO provides flexibility for various travel needs.

The XO Membership program extends fixed-rate pricing and additional benefits to members, while XO Dynamic Access allows pay-as-you-go access to private flights. Leveraging a sophisticated technology platform, XO streamlines the booking process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for its clientele. Whether for corporate travel or individual journeys, XO stands at the forefront of delivering premium private aviation solutions.


These companies show the place semi-private flights hold in the business aviation industry and contribute to elevating the status of this type of flights, making them an appealing choice for individuals and groups seeking a refined and exclusive travel option.


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