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“To believe that anything is possible, to offer the best of oneself to one’s clients, to work with passion are the keys to achieving our customers’ flights successfully every day. “


François-Xavier Clerc , CEO of AEROAFFAIRES since 1991, is driven by this desire to satisfy his customers 100%.

A warm and dynamic man, this enterprising entrepreneur with a passion for aeronautics started his career in 1991, when his fourth daughter was born.

Before diving into this entrepreneurial adventure, it is in his early years, that the founder of AEROAFFAIRES will cultivate his interest in aviation. Over the pages of the comics of Tanguy and Laverdure, Buck Danny, dreams and ambitions are born. It’s decided, he’ll steal too.

This child who was thought dreamer will become one of the youngest drivers in France. His instructor, Joseph Delélée, reveals real skills, a real passion and a keen sense of responsibility at 15-year-old François-Xavier. A man of experience and the first test pilot of HENRY FARMAN’s planes, he will decide, after only 5 hours of framed instructional flying, to trust this teenager, by releasing him in autonomous flight.

The childhood dream of François-Xavier Clerc comes to life a little more each day. It is at Disney, in Florida, where he will work for the opening of the Pavilion France Epcot Center of Disneyworld in 1983, that this entrepreneur will discover the school of excellence and the importance of the sense of welcome and the quality of service provided to customers.

He will return to France, determined to put everything he has discovered in the United States, then at Dassault Aviation for 8 years and finally at Air Entreprise for 2 years: creativity, innovation, sense of service, customer satisfaction .

Dream come true, ” said Walt Disney, this business leader is constantly following this adage. At the helm of AEROAFFAIRES since 1991, François-Xavier Clerc has combined his many years of aeronautical passion, his culture of customer satisfaction with his vision of the business aviation market.

Ensuring the departure of an airplane or helicopter flight, in less than two hours, under optimal conditions, remains the daily challenge that François-Xavier Clerc and his team trained at the school of exigency set themselves.

The founder of AEROAFFAIRES, who is well versed in the peculiarities of business aviation charters, has been working with his clients since 1991: precise adaptation of the aircraft to the required missions, knowledge of the terrain and weather conditions depending on the destination, flexibility of booking and changing a flight …

The concepts of “savoir-faire” and “savoir-faire”, dear to the manager, ensure all AEROAFFAIRES customers a quality of service beyond what could be expected. The relationship of “provider” gives way, over the flights, to a partner relationship.

Our flight on demand service is available 7 / 7-24H / 24.