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AEROAFFAIRES is recognized for chartering devices adapted to the needs of the tours, whether for the music industry, sports, film, television, shows or political tours … etc.

Organizing a tour is a complex project. Choosing AEROAFFAIRES is choosing a partner who will facilitate the logistics aspect, through personalized and reliable support.

Our team will understand each of your problems and will propose appropriate solutions, including in an emergency.

We are committed to bringing you a tailor-made and flexible solution.

  • Sports:  We organize tours for teams, fans and sponsors all over the world.
  • Music:  We charter aircraft and helicopters for tours, concerts or isolated performances.
  • Cinema or television:  We provide flights for shooting crews, shooting scenery, or for promotional tours.
  • Shows:  We supervise theater company travel during their local tours, as well as those of major international circus troupes.
  • Political tour:  We accompany politicians in their travels, their promotions, throughout their election campaigns.

Contact us at any time, we will be happy to answer all your requests for flights!

Our hotline:  +33 1 44 09 91 82 .