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Renting a helicopter is one of the most efficient solutions offered by AEROAFFAIRES to be able to move quickly, with the best conditions of safety and reliability.

AERO AFFAIRES offers you helicopter rental solutions anywhere in France and around the world to enable you to land as close as possible to your final destination.

The main advantages of renting a helicopter are the ability to

land as close as possible to the desired destination for short distances of less than 200 km at the place of your destination, avoiding the constraints of car traffic
on land not accessible by commercial or private aircraft.
Take off and land at your convenience without undergoing take-off slots.
Renting a helicopter allows you to make all types of trips with 1 to 8 passengers, depending on the type of helicopter chosen.

Business flights: Day to day, site visit, work meeting at a customer or supplier’s premises
External relations: Plant visits, inaugurations, events…
Emergencies: Contract signature, assistance, force majeure, repatriation.
Travelling: sports, music,
Leisure: sightseeing tours, gourmet escapades, golf relaxation weekend, hunting,…

AEROAFFAIRES offers a wide range of helicopters such as:

Squirrel AS 350 single engine 5 seats
Squirrel AS 355 dual turbine 5 seats
Hummingbird EC 120 single engine 4 seats
Colibri EC 135 dual turbine 5/6 seats
Agusta 109 twin turbine 5/6 seats
Bell Ranger 206 single engine 4 seats
Dolphin AS 365 twin engine 5/8 seats