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Why will AEROAFFAIRES never do flight sharing ?

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After the success of Air bnb, Uber or Bla Bla Car with carpooling, here is a new trend in the private aviation sector : flight sharing with Wingly. But what is flight sharing ? Where does it come from ? What does flight sharing offer ? Is it low-cost or disguised business aviation? And above all, why will AEROAFFAIRES never offer flight sharing ? AEROAFFAIRES tells you all about it in this article devoted to the flight sharing trend.


What is flight sharing  ?

Flight sharing is part of the successful development of the collaborative economy. The principle is quite simple : allow individuals to travel in private planes. The private individual can decide to move from one point to another or simply book an hour of tourist flight to fly over a region and make a first flight.


Where does flight sharing come from?

These are 3 French people who started the flight sharing trend in 2015. But for reasons of regulation and supervision of the activity, they could not develop the activity in France at first. So it was Germany that saw the first flight sharing flights develop in its airspace.


What does flight sharing allow ?

Flight sharing allows private aircraft owners to reduce the cost of maintenance, upkeep and downtime. A plane that does not fly is an expensive plane. Every hour of flight time is good to take when you are a private owner.
Flight sharing has its advantages, in particular to offer a first flight, a tourist flight to individuals who could not, otherwise, afford it. When we browse the forums about flight sharing, many are the testimonies of pilots happy to have given pleasure. But there are also many who deplore a demanding clientele, which uses flight sharing as a low-cost and illegal business aviation.


Why won’t AEROAFFAIRES do flight sharing ?

Flight sharing is not the core business, nor the DNA of AEROAFFAIRES.


A different clientele between flight sharing and business aviation:

First of all, we do not target the same clientele. AEROAFFAIRES is more than just a tourist clientele; we cater to the travel needs of business and private clients with constraints. Our customers choose private or business aviation to optimize their travel in complete safety and confidentiality. The advantage of business aviation is that we provide them with aircraft that allow them to continue working on board (wifi, meeting table, comfort, anonymity) in complete safety.


AEROAFFAIRES only works with “Public Transport” certified aircraft.

Secondly, AEROAFFAIRES only works with airlines that have a fleet of “public transport” certified aircraft. This ensures passenger safety and liability in the event of an accident can be traced. AEROAFFAIRES is also a member of the EBAA and the Air Charter Association.

These associations are a guarantee of confidence for our customers and of recognized professionalism in the business aviation sector.


Professional and experienced pilots for an assured safety :

Furthermore, AEROAFFAIRES only works with professional pilots and crews. This ensures the safety of our passengers and the satisfaction of our customers. This is our main objective. What would a customer say if we could not honor a flight due to weather conditions that a professional pilot can master thanks to his demanding training ?


Business aviation is about flexibility and confidentiality.

Furthermore, the raison d’être of AEROAFFAIRES is to allow for flight customization and flexibility specific to each of our customers. Flight sharing does not allow for this on a large scale and for all types of missions. Our clients have unforeseen events, last-minute setbacks or confidentiality needs that flight sharing does not allow. Therefore, as air charter professionals, we have to adapt to our customers’ constraints.


Business aviation at AEROAFFAIRES means personalizing your flight and its conditions.

Then, beyond the flight, AEROAFFAIRES has a whole ecosystem in place when a flight is booked: we provide transfers to and from the aircraft and handle security and customs formalities. We provide catering and meals on board the chartered aircraft. Finally, we make sure to find a solution, if a hitch should occur: breakdown of an aircraft, modification of a last minute route, modification of a take-off time, etc.


Instead of flight sharing, use the services of professionals like AEROAFFAIRES:


All of these reasons are representative of the many advantages of business aviation. They are the reason for AEROAFFAIRES’ know-how and professionalism as an air broker since 1991.

Flight sharing is a new mobility solution for individuals who want to discover the world of aeronautics by taking a “discovery” flight, or for “destination” flights. But it is far from what business aviation offers. This means that these two activities are not in competition with each other and that AEROAFFAIRES will not offer this type of service to its customers.

Finally, our entire team is at your disposal to answer your questions and legally charter a private or business flight.

The AEROAFFAIRES team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions.

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