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Why should you call an airline broker ?

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A busy schedule? An urgent departure and a tight timing? You need to charter a private plane and you don’t know who to turn to?

Turn to a broker who spezialises in chartering private aircrafts and helicopters. Give him your project, your needs, your constraints and let him advise and accompany you. 
His job ? Make your trip easier.


Why use an airline broker?

The broker is a real link between you and the airline companies around the world. He is able to get you on a plane in less than two hours after your confirmation, wherever you are and wherever you are going.

As a true conductor, he will find you the most suitable aircraft at the dates you requested, even if it is an emergency. Furthermore, his excellent knowledge of the airline industry enables him to negotiate competitive rates with companies. He will offer you a selection of Public Transport accredited aircrafts and helps you make your decision.

Unlike an airline with two or three aircrafts, the airline broker has real-time access to private jets from all 1,200 airlines worldwide. This allows him to offer his clients the aircraft they need and that are best located. Indeed, as some aircrafts make several trips per day, an airline based in Paris will not necessarily be the most financially interesting option if these aircrafts are flying from Nice, Ibiza or London.

In addition, the broker can offer you all types of aircrafts in terms of size, for example :

  • A turboprop if it’s a short runway,
  • An ultra-light private jet if there are only 2 people on board,
  • A mid-size private jet if your trip is more than 4,000 kilometres, or if there are more than 8 passengers to carry,
  • A regional plane for a group of 25 people, etc.

This way, you are able to get the plane that best suits your needs. The broker’s missions will all have different criteria (number of passengers, length of the runway, air freight, mountain flight…), but he will always have several alternatives to offer you.



More than a service provider, a good broker becomes a partner you can trust for the logistics of your trip. Brokers generally work for brokerage companies, such as AEROAFFAIRES.

Once trained, the broker oversees most aspects of your trip (before, during and after the flight).

  • Before the flight, he or she provides you with all the documents you need so you can board serenely. The broker will send you the flight plan and indications about the departure and arrival terminals. If you are travelling on lunch or dinner schedules, he/she sets up a tailor-made catering service, according to your preferences and eating habits.
  • At the time of departure, he/she will try to welcome you before you leave, or will remotely ensure that the boarding and take-off go smoothly.
  • He/she then follows your flight in real time.
  • Upon your arrival, he/she ensures your satisfaction and puts at your disposal a vehicle with driver to allow you to reach your final destination.


As your partner, the broker facilitates your trip and takes care of all the ancillary services you may need: chauffeur-driven car service, helicopter transfer from the airport to your private property, to your yacht or to the business centre of the city where you will land, etc.

The broker works with you and for you. What makes one broker different from another? His know-how, his sense of service and customer satisfaction.


So, trust an air brokerage company

Ready to take off in a private plane? Choosing AEROAFFAIRES is the assurance of finding the aircraft that best suits your needs, which will save you time and money.

Our on-demand flight service is available 7/7-24H/24. Contact us at + 33 (0)1 44 09 91 82.