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What is an Air Broker?

An air broker is a specialist in organizing private air travel. Their goal is to ensure your trip goes smoothly from take-off to landing… and even before and after your flight.


Air brokers are experts in the rental of aircraft, such as private jets, business jets, cargo planes, or helicopters, for any type of travel (air freight, coffin transport, air ambulance, etc.). The role of the air broker is to make communication easier between customers looking for a private flight and aircraft available for charter.


As an intermediate, the air broker is a trustful advisor to his customers. He helps them choose the aircraft best suited to their needs and budget. They work closely with a network of partners, including airlines, private aircraft operators, and aviation-related service providers, allowing them to offer a range of solutions to meet all your requirements.


Why hiring a Private Jet Broker?

Flying on a private jet offers many undeniable advantages. But chartering a private jet can be complicated, especially with a busy schedule. Are you looking to schedule a business trip? A last-minute trip? A medical repatriation? If you are new to private aviation, hiring a professional jet broker is the best way to save time and money. Here are 10 reasons why you should charter a jet with a broker :


1) You get advice from a professional

As an expert in the airline industry, a broker can provide you with a personalized flight itinerary. His role is to establish a connection with you and airline companies all around the world. He/She will help you decide on the most suitable aircraft according to your needs and preferences.


2) You don’t need to worry about logistics

Dealing with paperwork can be time-consuming and difficult to manage especially with a busy schedule. By chartering your jet with a broker, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. He/She will take everything in charge and organize everything so you do not have to:


  • Before your departure

He/She will provide you with all the documents and information needed for boarding, such as the indication to find the VIP departure and arrival terminals.


  • During the flight

He/She will greet you before take-off to make sure that your boarding goes well. He/She follows your trip in real-time.


  • Upon your arrival

Your broker will ensure that you can safely get to your final destination by providing you with a vehicle and a personal driver.


3) You will save time

As the old saying goes, “Time is money”. When taking charge of your project, a broker promises to respond to your request as soon as possible. Our on-demand flight service is available 24/7 to help you make the procedures easier and get your flight as quickly as possible.


4) You can book a last-minute trip

Do you need to plan a last minute trip? A broker can book you a flight and make your jet take off within two hours, no matter where you are. As opposed to commercial airlines that only have a few planes, a broker has access to all the jets from more than 1200 companies worldwide.


5) You have the last say on your flight

Traveling on commercial airlines requires you to look for the most suitable departure and arrival time according to their fixed flight schedule. A private jet broker, however, will adapt your flight to your busy schedule, and make sure that it will fit your demand. Chartering with a broker allows you to choose everything from destination to date and time. Business aviation adapts to your needs and offers you freedom and flexibility.

6) You benefit from a transparent service

At AEROAFFAIRES, we value transparency as we believe that it is the only way to build a trustworthy relationship with our clients. More than providing just a service, a broker is a reliable partner who will assist you in every step of your trip.

7) You avoid unpleasant experiences

If you are new to the world of private aviation you might feel overwhelmed by all the propositions available on the market. As a professional, your broker will only propose you quality service that will meet your expectations. At AEROAFFAIRES, we want to build a trustworthy relationship with our clients, providing you with every piece of information you need with no hidden fees.


8) You save money on your private flight

Through his knowledge of the airline industry, a good broker can get you a flight at the best rate. Having real-time access to all the private jets of companies all around the world allows him/her to offer you the jet best positioned for your request. As most of the jets fly several times a day, the planes proposed by an airline located in London do not necessarily offer you the most interesting deal, if its aircraft are flying to Marseille, Ibiza, or New York. Moreover, his professional status allows him to negotiate over an aircraft that suits your request for a more attractive price.


9) You will be traveling safe and sound

A good private jet broker can assure you that your plane is just as safe as the one used in commercial airlines. All our partners are required to possess recognized certifications and are submitted to the highest safety standards. As a member of the European Business Aviation (EBAA), AEROAFFAIRES is accredited by the ARGUS certification. These certifications ensure that all of our flights meet the safety requirements.


10) You get a personal high-quality service

To make sure you have everything you need onboard, your broker provides you with a personal crew, and high quality catering. By choosing AEROAFFAIRES you make sure to get a high-quality personalized service and the comfort you need.

Contact a professional AEROAFFAIRES broker

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