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How to repatriate a coffin on an airplane

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When a loved one dies abroad, it is possible that repatriation of the body by plane is necessary or desired.

How can AEROAFFAIRES help you?

AEROAFFAIRES regularly takes care of the repatriation abroad of the body of a deceased person. Benefiting from a real experience in international repatriation since 1991, AEROAFFAIRES accompanies you to repatriate a deceased to the country of your choice and to receive the body of the deceased persons abroad.

Our team takes care of all the administrative and customs procedures necessary for the repatriation of the body in accordance with the laws of the countries of departure and arrival of the body and the norms of the international law (in consultation with the Embassy or the Consulate competent).

It is essential to verify the presence or absence of insurance that covers the costs of repatriation, because in the absence of such insurance, they are the responsibility of the family.

What is the aeronautical regulation for the transport of a coffin?

An airtight IATA compliant coffin is required by airlines and legal standards. It is a classic wooden coffin, with borders of 22 mm minimum, equipped with a fine metal insert camouflaged by a fabric upholstery. The vocabulary used is that of “lead coffin”, or “zinc”. A cold resin welding will close the coffin hermetically with an identification plate, it will also be equipped with a filter purifier compliant with IATA standards (a certificate will be requested from the aircraft). The combined weight of the deceased and the coffin determines the choice of plane.