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AEROAFFAIRES becomes a member of the Air Charter Association

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We are pleased to announce that AEROAFFAIRES has joined the Air Charter Association (ACA) in December 2021! Our company has met the association’s membership criteria and is now one of the more than 250 members of the association. The ACA represents all services and missions related to the aviation market. It also aims to promote both the ethics and the professional aspect of the entire aviation industry. We present you the ACA and our new membership.



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What is the Air Charter Association (ACA)?


The ACA is a worldwide trade and professional association that brings together companies and professionals in the aviation market. The association was founded in 1949 by 68 members from the Baltic Exchange (which is a world-wide shipping exchange). They decided to form a committee for air freight. The Baltic Air Charter Association (later renamed ACA) was born. In 1989, a member of the association’s board, Jeremy Palmer, proposed the idea of creating an award to be given to the best public transport charter company for the year. Palmer became BACA’s president the following year. The award, named the BACA Award, was introduced and implemented in 1990. The society evolved and by 2004 had 120 aviation companies among its members.

In 2014, BACA adopts the ARGUS Charter Broker, this is the program that accredits air brokers. Then in 2019, BACA became the Air Charter Association, ACA. Today the association is chaired by Kevin Ducksbury and has 250 members from the airline industry.

Also, the association offers training to obtain an air broker qualification. It is available both for those new to the air brokerage industry and for professionals wishing to update their skills and qualifications.


Aeroaffaires membre de la Air Charter Association
Crédit Photo : ACA


AEROAFFAIRES and Air Charter Association


Becoming a member of the ACA means first of all having met the essential criteria for becoming a new member of the association. Being a member of the ACA also means being able to benefit from expert advice, training and, above all, access to an international business network in the air transport sector.

AEROAFFAIRES is delighted to be part of this association, which promotes the aviation sector and more specifically the activities and roles of air brokers.


As stated in the document approving us as a new member of the ACA: 

AEROAFFAIRES has met the association’s membership criteria and is committed to conducting its business in an honorable, ethical manner and to the highest professional standards in accordance with industry best practices and the Air Charter Association’s membership rules.


Being a member also means being accredited as a professional in the aircraft charter industry. It also means access to the events organized by the association such as awards (Air Charter Excellence Awards for example) but also seminars, conferences or training courses that are offered by the association.

This is an opportunity for AEROAFFAIRES to promote its business through new opportunities made possible by the ACA, as well as to discover other activities. The association’s network is such that it is possible, through its 250 member companies, to obtain information and discover all the branches of the business that revolve around air chartering.

At AEROAFFAIRES, we are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. We respond quickly to your request for a quote online or by telephone at +33 1 44 09 91 82.