AEROAFFAIRES x LE COLLECTIONIST: a promising partnership.

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The AEROAFFAIRES team is proud to announce its partnership with Le Collectionist. This French player in the luxury tourism sector has, in just a few years, become the market leader in villa rental. After several meetings to discuss possible synergies between our activities, Le Collectionist and AEROAFFAIRES will now be carrying out correlated actions. The aim? To bring this newly established partnership to life. AEROAFFAIRES presents the characteristics of this partnership and the advantages for its customers.


Le Collectionist: introduction


Le Collectionist is a French company with 250 employees in 8 locations. Founded in 2012, it offers luxury villa rentals and high-end concierge services. It focuses on renting exclusive properties in popular touristic locations such as the French Riviera, Saint-Tropez, Ibiza and other iconic destinations.


The culture of high quality service: the company’s core business.


Le Collectionist distinguishes itself by offering a personalised service to its clients. In addition to luxury villa rentals, the company offers concierge services such as


  • rental of sailboats and vintage cars
  • organisation of leisure activities
  • event organisation
  • setting up childcare services


The company’s aim is to ensure that each of its clients enjoys a unique and tailor-made travel experience. Le Collectionist works for extraordinary holidays.


A company with digital innovations.


Le Collectionist is also known for its strong online presence and its innovative use of technology to enhance the customer experience.


For instance, the company has created a mobile application to help villa owners track reservations and sign their contracts.


The Le Collectionist x AEROAFFAIRES partnership: what our two companies have in common


Both French players in the high-end service sector, there are many synergies between Le Collectionist and AEROAFFAIRES. Here are some examples of the reasons why we decided to work together:


  • Excellence: Both companies offer luxury services to our respective clients. AEROAFFAIRES offers tailor-made travel services in private aircraft. Thanks to a human touch, the team is available and responsive to satisfy its clients. For its part, Le Collectionist offers personalised luxury villa rental and concierge services.


  • Personalisation: Both our companies are committed to the idea of guaranteeing a personalised service to our clients. AEROAFFAIRES works with each client to ensure that their mobility needs are met. For its part, Le Collectionist offers tailor-made concierge services to meet its customers’ needs.


  • Service orientation: Both companies focus on the customer experience. AEROAFFAIRES strives to ensure that every trip by private aircraft is comfortable and stress-free for the customer. Le Collectionist ensures that each customer has a unique and memorable travel experience.


  • Use of technology: Both our companies use technology to enhance the customer experience. AEROAFFAIRES uses online booking tools and mobile applications to simplify the booking process, while Le Collectionist has developed a mobile application to help villa owners track reservations and sign their contracts.
  • Commitment: AEROAFFAIRES has formed a strong partnership with the French company EcoTree. The aim is to devote part of its profits to a project to pollinate and restore biodiversity in France (Châtelain forest – Pays de la Loire). Meanwhile, Le Collectionist aims to obtain B Corp certification this year and is developing partnerships with local associations in order to have an impact on the destinations in the villa catalog.


Le Collectionist x AEROAFFAIRES partnership: 360 solutions for customers


Based on these different observations and several conclusive meetings, we agreed on a partnership.


We want to take the tailor-made aviation experience a step further by offering our clients an exclusive hospitality package. By joining forces, our two companies will be able to cover the entirety of your trip and guarantee you peace of mind. Our goal is to offer a 360° solution to our clients for their entire travel needs”.

Isabelle Clerc, CEO at AEROAFFAIRES


The value of this partnership lies in offering AEROAFFAIRES and Le Collectionist customers premium international services at exclusive rates. The iconic collection of more than 1,000 properties will give you access to unique homes that you won’t find for rent anywhere else.


To find out more and discover the catalogue of villas and destinations offered by Le Collectionist, visit their website.


For all information requests, do not hesitate to contact our aviation experts. The AEROAFFAIRES team is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on +33 1 44 09 91 82, or by e-mail at: