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Business or private aviation, which term should be used?

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Today, there is much debate about what term to use to describe the activity of our industry. Some would say business aviation, others private aviation. This debate is an important topic. It helps to properly define the services we offer, their benefits and their values.

Although most people use the two terms mentioned above, there are other terms that are more or less interchangeable, such as general aviation, private flights, etc.

What is a private flight?


First of all, it is important to remember what a private flight is. A private flight is a flight where you rent an aircraft for your exclusive use during a specific period. This means of transport allows you to take off at the time you want, from wherever you want, but above all to get as close as possible to your final destination by using the thousands of airports that are not served by the airlines.

When is it called business aviation?


What is business aviation?


Business aviation is the branch of air transport dedicated to the transport of passengers on demand, for non-tourist purposes. It is a flight in a private aircraft booked with an airline operator. This term reinforces the value of private aviation as a business tool.

More and more companies are using business aviation to get from point A to point B more quickly.

In recent years, this has helped dispel the misconception that private jets are only for millionaires and celebrities.

The beginnings of business aviation : 


Business aviation began in the 1930s, with the use of light passenger aircraft to transport businessmen. Initially, the uncomfortable aircraft were used only for business, not for personal use. It was not until the 1970s that competition pushed manufacturers to develop ever larger, more luxurious and more comfortable aircraft.


Business or private flight ? 


Business travel plays an important role in our industry. However, we should not forget the importance of leisure flights, which also account for a large proportion of demand.


What is a private flight ? 


Whether it’s a trip to the sun or a fun time in the snow, there’s no reason not to travel by private jet.

Recreational aviation includes all flying activities using an aircraft, excluding those of a commercial or military nature. 


Why choose private flights?


More and more families are willing to invest in faster and more comfortable travel. Some people hire private jets to celebrate special occasions such as weddings or birthdays, others to travel to remote areas. Indeed, one of the advantages of private jets is that they can land at smaller airports and get you closer to your final destination. Any opportunity is a good one to hire a private jet. Whether it’s for a weekend away, to practice your passion by going to Formula 1 races for example, or to celebrate Christmas, AEROAFFAIRES is there to accompany you in the most important moments of your life.

Private aviation to help you balance your professional and personal life.


It can be difficult to distinguish between business and private travel. Work-life balance is becoming increasingly important and many people are choosing to combine the two to optimise their travel. Indeed, private aircraft have many advantages. They provide security, discretion and confidentiality that you won’t find in a commercial aircraft. In addition, entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly difficult to go on holiday without thinking about work. Their private jet travel is therefore one of the best times to work while the children and the rest of the family rest on the lie-flat seats.



The term business aviation or private aviation can be used as you wish, depending on the reasons for hiring private jets. But it is important to remember that AEROAFFAIRES does not only offer business or private aviation services. We offer private flights for both companies and individuals.

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