Can i take off and land from anywhere in a helicopter ?

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The helicopter is in the air, what the dragonfly is to the earth: elegant, agile, airy! Often used as a means of movement or stunt in large film productions, it gives the impression of being able to take off and land anywhere. But can we really take off from anywhere in this type of flying machine?

We would like to answer “yes”, but in reality these motorized and very powerful machines are subject to some obligations. First of all, you need an open field or a helico surface, better known in the American series under the name “Drop Zone”. Then, it is necessary that the zone or private land is located outside an agglomeration and outside the zones airports of takeoff or landing (for example CDG).
If these two conditions are met, then all that remains is to obtain the agreement of the owner of the private land as well as the town hall.

Finally for questions of well-being, it is necessary to avoid all noise. Rest assured, very often these conditions are fulfilled to the delight of passengers and residents.

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