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Some missions are more dangerous or more specific than others. They require a specific aircraft such as a transport helicopter. Need to transport goods? Food or equipment to a remote area? Need an offshore helicopter to deliver wind turbines to the open sea or to an oil platform? Transport helicopters are the right solution. AEROAFFAIRES explains what a transport helicopter is. In this article you will discover why it is worthwhile chartering this type of aircraft.


What is a transport helicopter?


A transport helicopter is a type of helicopter designed to transport people or cargo.

Unlike recreational or tourist helicopters, transport helicopters are designed for specific missions. These include

  • passenger transport
  • cargo transport
  • mountain rescue
  • transport of troops and military equipment.

Transport helicopters have a spacious cabin. They accommodate passengers in optimal comfort.

These transport aircraft are equipped with lifting and loading systems, including winches. This makes it easier to load and unload goods.

Why use a transport helicopter?


These transport devices are used for many purposes in professional contexts. These missions are :

They can also be used for special missions. For example, they can be used to transport urgent parcels or medical equipment.


Which helicopters are used for transport?


There are several types of transport helicopters used in different contexts. As mentioned above, they are used for passenger transport, cargo transport and mountain rescue. Here are some examples of transport helicopters used and recommended:

The Airbus Helicopters H225 :

Often used for passenger and cargo transport, this helicopter regularly provides offshore services to the oil and gas industry. Built by Airbus, it is a heavy lift helicopter. That is to say, it is a heavy-lift helicopter. It is used for civil and military missions, such as evacuations, transfers and refuelling. It is also used for aerial work and air freight missions. It can carry up to 24 passengers. Its maximum payload capacity is 5,500 kg. This means that it is capable of carrying loads of up to 5,500kg.

It owes its reputation to its robustness and reliability, as well as its comfort on board. Companies hire this type of helicopter for specific missions. Finally, it is one of the most efficient and safest air transport helicopters on the market.


The Sikorsky S-92 :

Designed for passenger transport, the S-92 is used for VIP transport or sea rescue missions.

The Sikorsky S-92 is a high-performance transport helicopter. The American company Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation develops this helicopter. This aircraft is capable of carrying up to 19 passengers. It is used for a wide range of civilian and military missions.

The helicopter is used for offshore missions, such as transporting personnel and equipment to offshore oil and gas platforms. It is also used for VIP passenger transport, cargo transport and natural disaster relief.

The Sikorsky S-92 is known in the helicopter transportation community for its reliability, ruggedness and ability to fly in difficult weather conditions.

The Bell 212 :

This versatile helicopter offers a wide variety of missions, from transporting troops to military equipment.

The Bell 212 is a twin-engine utility helicopter. It was designed by the aircraft manufacturer Bell Helicopter.

The Bell 212 is an improved version of the Bell 204/205. It has more powerful engines, increased load capacity and better performance at high altitude.

It is capable of carrying up to 14 passengers. Depending on the mission requirements, its configuration evolves.

The Bell 212 can reach difficult and remote environments. For example, it can fly to polar regions, mountains and combat zones. It has proven itself as a reliable and robust vehicle, capable of meeting the most difficult challenges.


The Kamov Ka-32 :

It is designed for mountain operations and firefighting missions. The Ka-32 is a versatile helicopter capable of carrying heavy loads.

The Kamov Ka-32 is a transport helicopter designed and manufactured by Kamov. It is mainly used for :

  • heavy cargo transport
  • forest fire fighting
  • sea rescue and construction.

The helicopter has two counter-rotating coaxial rotors. This allows it to move stably in difficult environments such as dense urban areas or mountains. It also has the ability to fly at high altitudes and in adverse weather conditions.

The Ka-32 has an electric winch for rescue operations and heavy lifting. It can carry up to 5,000 kg of cargo. It can carry vehicles, heavy equipment and construction materials.

Due to its performance and versatility, many countries around the world use the Kamov Ka-32.


The Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma :

This helicopter is used to transport passengers and cargo in difficult environments.

These aircraft are used in professional contexts for specific missions. But they can also be chartered for tourist flights or private events.


How much does a transport helicopter cost?


The price of a transport helicopter rental depends on several factors. The model of the helicopter, the duration of the rental, the distance to be covered, the number of passengers or the services included in the service will affect the price.

In general, the cost of hiring a transport helicopter can vary from a few hundred to several thousand euros per hour. Rates can also vary depending on the region and seasonal demand.

It is important to note that hiring a transport helicopter is generally more expensive than hiring a touring or recreational helicopter. This is due to the more advanced equipment and safety systems on board that are required for specific transport missions.

For an accurate and personalised quote for transport helicopter hire, please contact us.


Charter a transport helicopter with AEROAFFAIRES.


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  • Who can hire a transport helicopter?

    Transport helicopters are usually hired by companies for specific professional missions, such as transporting personnel or goods. They can also be hired by individuals for special events or private trips.

  • Can a transport helicopter be used for humanitarian missions?

    Yes, transport helicopters are often used for humanitarian missions, such as transporting personnel and medical equipment to hard-to-reach areas. They can also be used to transport relief supplies in the event of a natural disaster or armed conflict.

  • How to choose a transport helicopter rental company?

    It is important to choose a reputable and experienced transport helicopter rental company that has qualified personnel and a well-maintained fleet of helicopters. It is also advisable to check the company’s certifications and authorisations, as well as the comments and opinions of previous customers. AEROAFFAIRES only works with companies that are experts in the field of transport.