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Fly around the world
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Going around the world in 2022 is a dream that has been fantasized about for several centuries now. Indeed, with his adventure novel “Around the world eighty days” written in 1872, Jules Verne made this trip a goal for a great number of people. It represents the accomplishment for some and the surpassing of oneself for others.

Indeed, traveling more than 40,000 km through 1,000 destinations in 190 countries can be complex to achieve.


This project is achievable through different means. Different types of transportation can be used, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The train offers a great deal of flexibility but is much slower than other forms of transportation. The seaway is faster but does not really allow for inland travel. Finally, the mode of transportation that seems to be the most conducive to this type of project is air travel.

The airplane is the fastest means of transportation available. It allows to move around the world without real constraints. Thanks to this aircraft, the fantasy of flying around the world is possible.



Private plane or airliner: which one to choose for a round-the-world flight?


Traveling around the world requires a significant amount of preparation time. Indeed, the tickets of world tours are generally taken in advance to lower the price.


Traveling around the world by airplane is not the most flexible option, but it is still feasible. It would take about 30 days to complete the trip.

From a price point of view, it would be necessary to count 1500 € for a world tour including three or four destinations, about 3000 € for a world tour with five or six stopovers and from 5000 € for a trip around the globe with stopovers on all continents. The international flights are in economy class allowing you to have a cheap flight at each stage.


A round-the-world flight with AEROAFFAIRES


Use a private jet for your world tour


With AEROAFFAIRES, it is possible to make your dream come true, to fly around the world on a private jet. A private jet is surely the most suitable means of travel for this type of project. It allows an extraordinary flexibility from a time point of view, in particular by saving time at the boarding, also it allows to travel in any part of the world because the airports receiving the private jets are ten times more numerous than the traditional airports, general public. It is your itinerary that is followed and not you who follows an itinerary.  You can bring several pieces of luggage because the plane is reserved only for you. It is possible to buy a loyalty card with a number of kilometers. This allows you to have discounts and to plan your flights much more easily without having to deal with the various payments.


Which private jet to choose?


The private jet that seems to be the most suitable for this getaway is the Bombardier Global 8000. This aircraft has the longest range of the market, in fact it allows you to travel more than 14,000 km which is the distance between Mexico City and Beijing for example. Having such a long range means that you don’t have to make extra stops to refuel. In this case, the budget is enlarged with the costs of landing and parking the plane for example.


Factors explaining the price differences


When to fly around the world?


Different characteristics can make the price of the trip vary. Indeed, the chosen period is essential, if you leave Europe during the summer, the plane tickets will be inevitably more expensive, it is thus necessary to avoid the peak periods. Moreover, if you decide to stop in major tourist areas, the price will increase, the demand is strong and the offer increases. To get the best deal for booking a ticket for a gap year for example, opt for off-peak periods. Also the number of stopovers is obviously a determining factor for the final price of the project. The greater the number of stopovers, the higher the airport taxes.


How to book your trip?


There are different ways to book your world tour, in fact you can go through a specialized agency that will take care of organizing everything for you and setting up the different tourist circuits throughout the trip. Globally it would be necessary to count around 50 000 euros by passing through a travel agency for an all inclusive world tour. The tour would last 26 days and would pass through South America, South-East Asia before returning to Paris, at Le Bourget airport. This will allow you to visit Brazil, Chile, Singapore, Easter Island, New Caledonia, Australia, Bali, Noumea and many others…


The low cost


Alternatively, you can rely on yourself and pay for cheap flights by searching on airplane comparison sites. This trick allows you to avoid the margins taken by travel agencies. Which are quite substantial on projects of this kind.

Still with the aim of lowering prices, the “Open Jaw” can be interesting alternatives.

An “Open Jaw” ticket is an airplane ticket that allows the passenger to leave from a different airport than the one of the outbound trip, or to land at a different airport than the one of departure.


This flexibility of departure allows to lower the costs when buying a ticket, indeed it is more economical to leave from some airports than others.


To conclude, going on a world tour raises many questions. It is necessary to choose the means of transport adapted to one’s budget and expectations. The private jet seems to be the most flexible means of transportation allowing an unprecedented freedom.

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