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Bombardier’s new Global 8000 private jet

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At EBACE, the business aviation exhibition held from 23 to 25 May, Bombardier unveiled its new aircraft: the Global 8000, an aircraft capable of flying 8,000 nautical miles (14,816 km) with a planned launch in 2025.


The Global 8000: a private competition aircraft


This new private jet, which will enter service in 2025, is the fastest aircraft since Concorde. Indeed, the aircraft manufacturer Bombardier announced this new version of its mythical business jet, the Global 8000, at EBACE in Geneva on 23 May. The EBACE show is held every year in Switzerland, at the Palexpo in Geneva, and is the most important annual event for business aviation professionals. So it was the perfect place to announce such a release!

Bombardier Aerospace is a Canadian company that specialises in the manufacture of private jets and is one of the leaders in aircraft construction along with the giants Airbus, Boeing and Embraer.

Since its last version, the Global 7500, it has kept only the best elements, namely its ultra comfortable cabin. Indeed, the Global 8000 includes a kitchen, dressing room, work and meeting space, dining area, toilet and shower. Everything is designed to maximise the comfort and productivity of its passengers. This aircraft is expected to be at the pinnacle of business aviation. It offers many configuration options and has a seating capacity of 17 people.

In addition, it offers direct, long-haul routes to thousands of popular destinations such as Los Angeles-Sydney and Hong KongNew York.


Credit Photo : Bombardier


State-of-the-art technology on board the Bombardier Global 8000


Nothing is left to chance on board this aircraft. Indeed, many services and technologies are available.


  • The Bombardier Pūr Air system, is a system for purifying and cleaning the air, including viruses, allergens and bacteria that pass through the filter. It is capable of completely renewing the air in the cabin within seconds.


  • The Cloud Chair brings luxurious comfort to the cabin with a 0 gravity tilt system that tilts the chair for extraordinary comfort and evenly distributes weight to relieve tension. In addition, it is designed to follow the passengers’ movements.


  • The Soleil system is a cabin lighting system that helps to counteract jet lag.


  • The advanced Nice Touch cabin management system, a touch-sensitive dial that allows various cabin settings such as lighting, temperature and audio in each zone to be adjusted through touch functionality.


  • A 4K cinema experience, the aircraft features a 40-inch 4K screen and best sounding speakers, it is the most advanced audio system in business aviation to give passengers a cinema experience as if you were there.


  • High-speed internet, worldwide Global 8000 passengers can enjoy high-speed internet connection to download and stream content as well as attend meetings and increase productivity on board.


  • Electric flight controls, even for the crew, provide comfort. Electric controls maximise safety. A rest area exclusively dedicated to the crew is also available to maximise their comfort and efficiency.


It should be noted that this futuristic-looking aircraft is still under development and that some points may still change. All the qualities necessary for a flight: high speed, the largest flight perimeter, comfort, safety, reliability … everything is gathered for this aircraft to become the emblematic plane of the next decades. The Canadian company is setting the bar high!


At AEROAFFAIRES, we look forward to offering you this new aircraft for your flights! In the meantime, we are delighted to offer you other Bombardier aircraft models such as the Challenger 3500, the Global 6500, the Legacy 500 and many others. To find out more and book your flight, please complete our online quote, or contact us by telephone on +330144099182 or by email: . We will be happy to assist you in booking your flight!