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Are you looking for an Embraer?

Would you like to hire a light Embraer private jet for business or personal travel? The Embraer range offers ideal flight comfort for all destinations around the globe. Initially created by a Brazilian aerospace manufacturer, the Embraer range is now marketed and available internationally. Embraer offers different ranges of aviation products and in particular its private jets available for hire on AEROAFFAIRES. Make the most of it!

Embraer: an ideal range for all your private trips

Embraer or “Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica”, is today a victim of its success for having made available private jets with unique comfort. The strong point of the Embraer range of light jets is notably its ability to offer equipment and performance identical to larger jets, while serving routes and routes that are often not very popular. This is a great advantage if you want to travel to more unusual areas. Today, Embraer private jets can be seen all over the world and are particularly popular with regional airlines in the United States.


It is not without reason that Embraer private jets are so successful all over the world. These light business jets have a small cabin with a maximum take-off weight of between 5 and 9 tons. Small, practical and comfortable, Embraer private jets are perfect for all types of travel.


Embraer private jets for all tastes


At the very beginning of its history, Embraer referred to military aircraft, airliners and private jets. The Embraer private jet branch was founded in 2000. Nowadays, Embraer private business jets are particularly numerous and appreciated by professionals and other travellers. Here are the most popular models:


Models Embraer Features Number of passengers
Embraer Phenom 100 Modern and spacious


4 passengers
Embraer Phenom 300 Elegant and comfortable


7 passengers
Embraer Legacy 450 Modern technology with fly-by-wire controls.

Particularly fast

 8 to 10 passengers
Embraer Legacy 500 Good take-off and landing capabilities allowing it to use virtually any private airport. 13 to 14 passengers
Embraer Legacy 600 Very economical for long-haulers

Have a large hold and luggage compartments inside the cabin

14 passengers
Embraer Legacy 650 All comfort with a three-compartment cabin

Ideal for transporting groups on long-distance journeys.

14 passengers
Embraer Lineage 1000 The largest model of Embraer private jets 19 passengers


Don’t hesitate any longer, order on AEROAFFAIRES and hire the Embraer private jet of your choice for your future private trip.


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