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Introduce Jetlab: Your own private jet… without leaving the ground!

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Looking for your next shooting location 40,000 feet in the air but unwilling to leave the ground? Need to train your flight crew without worrying about airport constraints? AEROAFFAIRES is proud to present you JETLAB, a real-size replica modeled after a private jet. This article will present the advantages this permanent studio offers, now available to you at the Bourget


Presentation of JETLAB





JETLAB is a full-scale replica of a private jet that offers a unique and immersive experience. Composed of 3 sections made out of leather, this interior design furnished by professionals provides a spacious and luxurious setting. The “passengers” can enjoy typical furniture such as rotative seats, couches, or foldable tables made for their convenience. JETLAB is also equipped with lounges and a makeup studio, allowing a quick answer to any filming and production needs. This detail-oriented conception offers a suitable and auspicious environment that promotes creativity and the making of high-quality artistic projects.  


Attention to details


Conceived by business aviation professionals, JETLAB primarily focuses on its authenticity, wishing to adequately replicate the characteristics of a private jet. The cabin model is supposed to imitate that of a luxurious and spacious long-haul aircraft and is equipped with many attributes inspired by private jets without only using a single reference. JETLAB thus represents a combination of aircraft, ranging from the Falcon 10X to the Gulfstream G700, and has for objective to create a visually appealing experience that most closely resembles that of a private jet. This offers the users a complete immersion into this prestigious business. 




A low-cost film set


It is not rare for a production company to call on air brokers for their specific camera work. The Bourget Airport regularly hosts film shootings, most recently for the French movie “Boîte Noire” and the series “Falco”. However, chartering an aircraft able to welcome a filming crew can be quite costly, even if the latter does not take off. JETLAB allows for simplified access to the inside of a private jet and for film shooting that could be difficult or even impossible to acquire in an authentic aircraft. Its modifiable structure allows for a swift and adapted setup of the equipment and the camera angles necessary for filmmaking. 

Unique Photoshooting opportunities aboard a private jet


In addition to its visual integrity, JETLAB is equipped with sound and light stages, allowing for the creation of a perfect atmosphere for photo shootings. Professionals can give rise to their artistic vision while controlling all visual and sound aspects in this realistic environment. Whether it is for a photo shoot, a publicity spot, or any other visual production, JETLAB offers the necessary flexibility to answer all creative and technical needs


JETLAB: a training capsule


Training a qualified navigation crew while adequately recreating the onboard conditions can be costly for a company. Accomplishing this without taking into account those conditions can be equally problematic. JETLAB allows companies in the catering sector to train their personnel in an authentic environment that replicates a cabin realistically. Through training sessions in an immersive setting, crew members will be able to familiarise themselves with the procedures all while developing their skills.


Jetlab: Available and accessible private jet


A flexible and available space


Immobilizing a private jet for hours is not only costly but also has to be done according to a precise schedule, allowing for little flexibility. The reservation of a private jet for such a matter has to answer tight requirements, and must typically be planned well in advance. However, JETLAB was conceived to deliver flexibility to this level of demand. It is thus possible to benefit from softer availability, allowing one to reserve the studio based on time constraints and specific needs. 


Freedom of Movement


While the replica is located at the Bourget, its modifiable aspect allows it to be easily transported by trucks, in France or abroad, to a desired location. This geographical flexibility is a considerable advantage and allows the client to benefit from the JETLAB experience wherever he may be. Whether it be for film shootings, series, training sessions, or even special events, JETLAB can easily be moved and reinstalled according to client needs. This mobility facilitates access to the model and opens new possibilities for companies and artistic productions. Indeed, this allows for a practical and flexible solution to create realistic environments anywhere around the world.


Make a JETLAB reservation with AEROAFFAIRES


Wish to reserve JETLAB as soon as possible? AEROAFFAIRES is here to answer your needs and organize such an event. Reach us by mail at or by phone at +33 1 44 09 91 82. We will reply as soon as possible. 


As realistic as this model may be, it, unfortunately, does not match reality. At AEROAFFAIRES, we deliver the best services to create an authentic private jet flight. We are available 24/7 to provide a flexible offer as well as personalized assistance.