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Are you in charge of a luxury concierge service? Do you work for demanding clients who expect you to provide them with an answer for each of their needs and quickly? Have you thought about using an air broker to respond to your clients’ travel requests, anywhere in the world? If not, here are some reasons why you should use an air broker like AEROAFFAIRES. AEROAFFAIRES explains why private aviation is at the service of luxury and private concierge services, to meet all your clients’ requirements.



Luxury concierges: need an urgent trip for a client?


AEROAFFAIRES, as the world’s leading air broker, is able to get your client off the ground from any destination. How can we do this? Thanks to its extensive network of partners, which has been in place since 1991. Indeed, our team is able to get a private jet, a helicopter or a VIP or commercial aircraft off the ground in less than 2 hours.

What is AEROAFFAIRES’ mission? To organise the flight by finding the right aircraft, at the right time, with the right crew and at the best price. This is the work and know-how of the AEROAFFAIRES team.



Private aviation: a premium and tailor-made service, similar to what luxury and private concierge services offer.


Just like what you offer your clients, as a luxury and private concierge service, AEROAFFAIRES provides a premium and totally tailor-made service to clients. On-board customisation is possible, at the client’s request. If you know your clients’ tastes in press and catering, let us know so that we can cater for them.



Private aviation: a real time-saver for passengers and concierges.


Need to save time on a client’s request or to save time? One of the most important advantages of private concierge services is that clients can delegate many tasks to their concierge, saving them time.

Whether it’s for you or your clients, AEROAFFAIRES enjoys saving its clients time. Responding to your needs in record time is one of the missions that the AEROAFFAIRES team undertakes every day.

As far as private aviation is concerned, it is certain to save your customers time. No more queuing to go through security or check-in. No more waiting in line for border and customs clearance either.

With private aviation, your customers are taken care of and these procedures are fast. It is estimated that private aviation clients save up to 2 hours on these formalities. Your clients can be at the airport 15 minutes before the flight and board the plane just as quickly.


Private aviation: a 24/7 service to meet all your clients’ needs.


Like you, the AEROAFFAIRES team is available 24/7. We know what your constraints are, particularly those of responding to all your customers’ requests at all times and in all places. You can be assured that we will be available and at your side for any of your requests, whatever the time, day or place. The advantage of private aviation is that the aircraft, especially the smaller private jets and turboprops, can take off quickly and often at night. However, the opening conditions of the departure and arrival airports must be respected.


Luxury concierge services: with private aviation, have access to a wide range of private aircraft and helicopters to meet all your clients’ requirements.

Need a private jet? Need to land or take off on a sandy or snowy runway, like Courchevel? A turboprop or small private jet will do the trick.

Need to reach a destination that is difficult to access?

Or need to transport large quantities of equipment or luggage? An intermediate private jet or even a small cargo plane could meet your needs.

Your client wants to travel in an ultra VIP aircraft, like the future Falcon 10X? No problem.

Whatever the case, AEROAFFAIRES will always find a solution that best suits your requirements and your customers’ expectations. Private jets, airliners or even helicopters: there is always an aircraft to meet your customers’ needs.


Luxury concierge services: with private aviation, privacy and security are assured.


Because we know that your clients often need to travel anonymously and safely, AEROAFFAIRES only works with partners (airlines, FBOs, crews) who know and master the codes of the business and private aviation world. This guarantees you and your clients anonymity and confidentiality.

In terms of safety, AEROAFFAIRES only works with airlines and aircraft that are Public Transport certified. This guarantees an optimal level of security. In addition, the aircraft we charter undergo regular maintenance checks. Finally, the crews who operate the flights are up to date in all their qualifications. No risks are taken when it comes to the safety of passengers and crew. Moreover, we reserve the right to cancel or delay a flight if conditions do not allow for safe flying (weather conditions for example).


Luxury and private concierges, make your clients fly with AEORAFFAIRES.


Are you convinced that private aviation can be a great tool for your concierge service? Do you still have some questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. To request a personalised, no obligation quote. Our aviation experts are at your disposal 24/7 on +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82 or by e-mail: You can also fill in our online quote and receive a reply within two hours.