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Does DJ Snake own a private jet? DJ Snake is one of the most famous DJs around. Having now an international career, the French artist flies all around the world, meeting up with stars of the music industry. In this need for flexibility, the star has recently been seen aboard a private jet, with his stage name on. In this article, we’re telling you everything about DJ Snake’s private jet.


Who is DJ Snake?


Why “snake” for DJ Snake? 

William Grigahcine, known as Dj Snake, is a record breaker in the electro-music industry. Growing up in the French working-class areas, DJ Snake got in trouble for painting graffiti on the walls of Ermont when he was young. As he managed to escape from the police several times, people started to call him “Snake”, which did not take long before becoming his stage name.

He started making music at 20 and played in a club in Paris, where he met Steve Goncalves, his manager, who pushed him to pursue his music career.


DJ Snake’s career: 

Dj Snake first got famous in December 2013, with the release of “Turn Down for What” featuring the rapper Lil Jon. The track was certified platinum in March 2014, counting over 800 million views on YouTube.

DJ Snake broke another record in 2015 with the catchy summer hit “Lean On”. The single featuring Major Lazer and MØ became a global hit, peaking at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 .

In July 2016, he released his debut album Angkor.

On 26 July 2019, he releases his second album, Carte Blanche including hit songs such as Taki Taki and Loco Contigo.


What is DJ Snake’s private jet?

On Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, DJ Snake shared several pictures of himself proudly standing in front of a private jet with his stage name on. Yet, DJ Snake does not own a private jet. Instead, he hires air brokers such as AEROAFFAIRES to organize his trips. An expert eye can recognize the Challenger 605 from a Citation XLS or even a Legacy 500, but everything leads us to believe that he is the owner since the aircraft is flocked with the artist’s name. This is part of a communication strategy used by other DJs to establish their reputation. 


Why does DJ Snake travel by private jet?

DJ Snake is one of the most famous DJs worldwide. These last few years, the artist plays at major events around the world. For example, at the beginning of July 2022, he went to Oran in Algeria to perform in front of thousands of fans.

He decided to travel around on a charter jet, a convenient choice for such a busy schedule.


Flying on a private jet provides DJ Snake with comfort. 

Travelling by private jet offers a very high level of comfort. Private jets cabins are very different from those of commercial airlines. There are several ways to equip a private jet. Beds, armchairs, sofas, desks and showers can all be installed.

As the DJ travels a lot, comfort is necessary for him to rest, to ensure he can perform during his shows.


Private aviation can adapt to DJ Snake’s busy schedule.

Also, the time flexibility that private aviation offers is a very important feature for the artist. He needs to be mobile at all times. In the music business, performances often take place in the evening and trips are made at night to minimise the time lost. In commercial aviation, flight times are not chosen and on some airlines, no flights take place at night.

Charter flights respect DJ Snake’s privacy.

For reasons of privacy, it is much more convenient for DJ Snake, to travel on a private jet. He can enjoy his free time, and travel safely.

Business aviation offers many advantages to this world-renowned celebrity. Flying privately appear as a real professional tool that allows him to be the best on stage. The star admits to enjoying this type of travel, which he has “always dreamed of”, he said in an interview for NRJ.

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