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Burgos : introduction

Burgos Airport is open to commercial and civil air traffic.

Located in the Villafría district, 4 km east of Burgos city centre, it can accommodate small and medium-sized aircraft, as well as very light jets.

AEROAFFAIRES tells you everything you need to know about organising your flight from Burgos Airport.


History of Burgos Airport

  • 1927 : the government, led by King Alfonso XIII, created Villafría de Burgos International Airport by Royal Decree.
  • 1928 : The Council of Ministers approves its construction and later the Villafría Town Council cedes the field known as Gorreñal to the Superior Council of Military Aeronautics.
  • 1936 : The Villafría and Gamonal airfields are combined to form a single aeronautical infrastructure.
  • 1941 : The Burgos City Council acquires a property of almost 300,000 square metres. This land, part of the old Gamonal site, was offered to the Ministry of the Air Force a few months later.
  • 1949 : The University Air Militia begins its activities.
  • 1971 : the last shipments are delivered. The airport opens to civilian traffic.
  • 1973 : The Royal Aero Club of Burgos is formed.
  • 1995 : It is announced, through an agreement, that the airport will be used exclusively for civilian purposes.
  • 2008 : The airport opens to commercial traffic.

Location & access to Burgos airport

  • Address : Airport – Ctra. de Logroño, 107, 09007 Burgos, Spain
  • Coordinates : 42° 21′ 28″ North / 3° 36′ 49″ West
  • Altitude : 903 m
  • Acces s: The airport has around 3,000 movements per year.

It is located 4 km east of Burgos city centre and can be reached by car in about 11 minutes.

If you wish, AEROAFFAIRES can arrange your transfer by hiring a car with a private driver.

Practical information about Burgos airport

Burgos airport has a runway.

Burgos airport coordinates

  • Airport Code : RGS
  • Latitude : 42° 21′ 28″ N
  • Longitude : 3° 36′ 49″ W
  • Altitude : 903 metres
  • Runway length : 2,100 m.

This airport is open to national and international commercial traffic and can accommodate private aircraft.

Recommendations on the city of Burgos

Where to stay in Burgos ?

During your stay in the Spanish city, hotels and guest houses are available to accommodate you. However, AEROAFFAIRES recommends that you book a room in the luxurious Landa Hotel, located approximately 10 minutes from the airport.


What to do in Burgos ?

After a short tour of the historic centre of the city, enjoy a visit to the Burgos Museum and admire the architectural beauty of the inner courtyard.

Price examples for private jet rental from or to Burgos

Burgos – Nice

  • Aircraft category : Light private jet
  • Duration : 1h35
  • Number of passengers : 5 to 11 depending on the type of aircraft
  • Price estimate : from €11,950

Burgos – London

  • Aircraft category : Turboprop
  • Duration : 2.5 hours
  • Number of passengers : 5 to 19 depending on the type of aircraft
  • Estimated price : from €15,100

Burgos – Rome

  • Aircraft category : Light private jet
  • Duration : 2 hours 10 minutes
  • Number of passengers : 5 to 11 depending on the type of aircraft
  • Price estimate : from €16,700

Burgos – Berlin

  • Aircraft category : Turboprop
  • Duration : 3 hours 45 minutes
  • Number of passengers : 5 to 19 depending on aircraft type
  • Price estimate : from €15,600


Would you like to organise a business trip or a private family flight to or from Burgos?

Our team can book private jets certified in Public Transport and provide you with operational assistance before your departure and until your arrival at your destination, in complete confidentiality.

AEROAFFAIRES is also a committed company. To find out more, visit our SkyCO2 page on our commitment to biodiversity.

Our on-demand flight service is available 7/7-24H/24H; contact us on + 33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82. We can also be reached by email at, or we will respond to your request for an online quote as soon as possible.


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