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Do you want to go to Italy for your holidays or for business? AEROAFFAIRES organizes your tailor-made trip in a private jet.

Italy is one of Europe’s leading destinations by private jet. With 2 Italian airports in the top 10 of the busiest business airports in Europe, the boot is a destination of choice. Tourists flock to Sicily, Florence and Venice, while Milan and Rome bring together the country’s financial centres and major players.

La Salva Italia, Italian Luxury Tax

Before booking your flight, you should be aware of a specificity specific to Italy: The Italian luxury tax. The Salva Italia is a tax voted by the parliament in 2012 applicable to private jets and helicopters. Any passenger travelling to or from the country is concerned by this payment.

The tax applies per journey and per head: €10 per passenger for a flight of less than 100 km, €100 between 100 and 1,500 km and €200 beyond. The amount of the tax will be indicated on your quotation and to be paid at the time of payment of the flight. In the event of a change in the number of passengers, we will ask you to complete or refund the difference.

Fly by private jet to Rome

Rome, the capital of the country, and the 4th largest city in Europe for its inhabitants attracts both business travelers and tourists. Magnificent historical sites reflect the power of the Ottoman Empire. To the east of the city stands the Vatican City, the seat of the Catholic Church. The Vatican Museum contains some of the world’s most beautiful works of art.

With its 5.8 million passengers and 50,000 movements per year, Rome’s Ciampino airport is less busy than Fiumicino airport. However, it is the airport of choice for business aviation because it is very discreet and offers many additional services. Rome Ciampino airport is only 15 km from the centre of the Italian capital and 35 km from the Vatican. It is open 24 hours a day for landings and take-offs of all types of aircraft.

Charter a private plane to Milan

Milan, the world capital of fashion and design attracts millions of tourists every year. The headquarters of the Italian stock exchange and the headquarters of many major companies also bring together foreign investors, financial advisers and bankers who come here on business.

Milan-Linate Airport (LIN) is one of the three airports that connect Milan to the rest of the world. The other two are Milan-Malpensa and Orio al Serio, in Bergamo. Of the three airports, Linate Airport is the closest to the centre of Milan. Located only 8 kilometers south-east of Milan, it is particularly attractive to business travelers. In addition, the private terminal “Milan-Linate Prime” offers many services to passengers. Finally, the airport does not benefit from any flight ban. It is open 24 hours a day and its asphalt runway allows all types of aircraft to land and take off.

Go to Venice by taxi plane

City of love, Venice is the capital of the Veneto region. It attracts millions of tourists every year who come to discover the lagoons of the Adriatic Sea. The city has no roads, only canals, including the Grand Canal, lined with Gothic and Renaissance palaces.

Located 12 kilometers from the centre of Venice, Marco Polo airport welcomes 8 million passengers and counts 80,000 movements per year, making it one of the most important airports in Italy. Venice Airport is open 24 hours a day for landings and take-offs of all types of aircraft. There are no night flight restrictions. In addition, the airport benefits from a terminal dedicated to business aviation with luxury shops and a VIP welcome service. Finally, its 3 300 meters long runway allows both light and long-haul private jets to land.

Travel to Florence with a private jet

Florence is known for its renaissance architecture. The Lombard capital is home to many masterpieces of art and sumptuous buildings. The Duomo is the most emblematic site of the city.

Florence’s international airport is less than 10 kilometers northwest of Florence. It takes about 20 minutes by car to reach the city centre. The airport has a runway 1650 meters long that can accommodate turboprops, light private jets, medium private jets, long-haul private jets and regional aircraft. Finally, a private terminal dedicated to business aviation offers exclusive services.


Rent a private plane to Sicily

Located at the tip of the Italian boot, Sicily is often described as: the most beautiful island in the world. Ancestral ruins are scattered all over the island. In addition, the Sicilian lands flow into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea offering a paradisiacal landscape.

Catania airport is the main airport of Sicily and the 6th Italian airport in terms of traffic with more than 10 million passengers in 2019. The airport is open 24 hours a day and offers a Vip service with private terminals reserved for business aviation. Finally, thanks to its long asphalt runway, all types of aircraft can land at Catania Airport.

Taxi aircraft, helicopter, private long-haul jet or commercial plane for VIPs, AEROAFFAIRES accompanies you in the booking of your private flight.

Trusting AEROAFFAIRES also means protecting the environment. With its SkyCO2 programmed, 100% of the CO2 emissions produced by each business flight are offset by supporting the preservation of forests in South America.

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