Hawker 1000 Private Jet Hire

Hawker 1000 Private Jet Hire
Hawker 1000 Private Jet Hire Hawker 1000 Private Jet Hire

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20 000

completed flights

95 000+


Description of HAWKER 1000

The Hawker 1000 is the largest of the Hawker 800 series jets, which was designed for long-haul flights, built of lightweight materials and equipped with a longer fuselage and more powerful engines than its predecessors.

The Hawker 1000 business jet has a maximum range (subject to headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures or higher capacity) of 3565 miles and a maximum speed of 540 mph.

The Hawker 1000 private jet is an economical and coherent private jet that will provide reliable performance over a long period of time.

Key Benefits of HAWKER 1000

  • Integrated toilet
  • Bright cabin
  • Spacious cabin
  • Reliability
  • Low sound level
  • Intercontinental range

Commercial features of HAWKER 1000

The cabin of the Hawker 1000 private jet is illuminated by seven windows on each side of the fuselage, making the Hawker 1000 cabin brighter than other jets in the range.

This business jet has a capacity of 8 to 9 passengers and 2 crew members.

Customers who charter a Hawker 1000 are those who want an intercontinental range, a spacious cabin interior and low noise levels in flight.



Rates per route

The prices below are provided as an indication. To estimate the price of your trip, please contact us in order to establish a quote that will meet your exact requirements.


From Paris to Valencia: from 8 000 EUROS

From Chicago to San Francisco: from 21 000 EUROS

From Paris to Moscow: from 23 000 EUROS

Technical specifications of HAWKER 1000

  • Manufacturer BRITISH AEROSPACE
  • Model HAWKER 1000
  • Classification Midsize Jets
  • Seats 8
  • Speed 840 km/h
  • Hourly rates 5 000 €/hour
  • Range 5280 km
  • Interior Height 1.75 m
  • Interior Width 1.83 m
  • Luggage compartment volume 1.8 m³
  • Crew 2 pilots + flight attendant
  • Toilet no
  • Purchase Price 22 300 000 €

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