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Private jet of celebrities: An abusive use?

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Why stars’ private jets are overused ? In the 21st century, the question of global warming no longer arises. It is obvious that air traffic has its share of responsibility. But, while we ask citizens to tighten their belts in their energy consumption, especially by preferring the train to the plane. Super stars like Kylie Jenner abuse their private jets for very short distances.


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Private jet emissions in reality

Carbon emissions from private jets represent 2% of global emissions. In recent years, with the explosion of business aviation, their C02 emissions have increased by 31% in Europe.

Moreover, according to the European Federation for Transport and Environment, private jets are 50 times more polluting than trains. Even if 2% of the emissions seem to be low compared to the biggest carbon emitters, all these analyses make us legitimately question the use of private jets.


The use of private jets by the stars


The private jets of the stars: the ranking of those who use them the most


Recently the Yard group has established for the stars a ranking of the carbon footprint for their private jet . At the top of the ranking we find Taylor Swift, 8 293,54 tons of C02 for 170 flights. In this list we find very famous names such as: Jay Z (6 981.3 tons for 136 flights), Steven Spielberg (4 465 tons for 61 flights) or Kim Kardashian (4 268.5 tons for 57 flights). The Kardashian-Jenner clan, never ceases to make the buzz about the use of their private jet.

Some of these stars defend themselves as to the use of their private jet, like Taylor Swift, explaining that she lends her jet and that she is not the only user. An argument that does not calm the anger of those who tighten their belt in their daily energy consumption.


A celebrity’s daily life like no other


But even if we understand that the stars have busy, constraining daily lives and that the private jet is one of the best solutions for them. It is the abusive use of these that unleash passions. Indeed, recently it is Kylie Jenner, one of the sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan that has caused many reactions.

She used one of these private jets to make a journey of only 15 minutes by jet. This trip could have been done in 50 minutes by car. But the star is not the only one, the singer Drake and the boxer Floyd Mayweather also indulge in this practice.


The real use of private jets


private jet


While it is believed that private jets are used by the biggest stars like singers and footballers, the reality is quite different. In fact, most of the business aviation clients are business leaders, politicians or common people. But very few big celebrities.

To understand why we need to include the reasons for using a private jet in our analysis, the use of a private jet is a guarantee of security and confidentiality. For politicians, for example, it is easier to ensure their safety on board a private jet than on an airliner. Secondly, flexibility.

Indeed, 9000 airports and heliports are accessible in the world. Moreover, the waiting time in an FBO is 20 minutes as opposed to 3 hours in traditional airports. This is a real time saver especially for businessmen and women/politicians who have to manage emergencies.

We can also add that business aviation in general does not only include this type of clientele. There are of course the players we mentioned above. But there are also air freight or cargo planes, medical flights and group flights. Some of these trips are therefore essential to the geopolitical, economic and health functioning of a country.


The aviation of tomorrow

It is obvious that aviation actors must take their share of responsibility in climate change. This is why the emergence of new technologies and new solutions is a valuable key to the sustainability of the sector. Today we are looking for solutions to excessive carbon emissions and more ethical ways to travel.

One of the solutions that has been proposed is the compensation of carbon emissions with the Sky Co2 program. This program proposes to the customer to pay a compensation for what he will consume during the flight. Some companies already include it in their tickets.

But the solutions do not stop there. The one that will be the most important in the years to come is science that will give it to us. Indeed, technological advances are important and are developing more and more. As it is the case for bio-fuel, hydrogen and hybrid private jets that will soon appear or even wings changed to improve lift.

In other words, the human being never stops progressing. He tries to do everything to find solutions to the problems that surround him and sometimes those he creates himself.

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