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Successful corporate seminar : why opt for a private jet or a helicopter?

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The corporate seminar is a key moment in the year for the life of the company. It is a time to take stock, to set objectives for the following year and to thank employees for the past year. It is not to be missed! Organising a corporate seminar is a real challenge ! Optimising costs, managing transport, accommodation, activities, planning, etc. So many points to validate. For example, have you already identified a venue ? Activities? A means of transport ? Did you know that a private jet can cost you less than commercial airline tickets to transport your employees during the corporate seminar ? Whether you are the CEO or the person in charge of organising the seminar for your company this year, there are a number of tips you should know about to surprise your teams and organise this highlight in the best possible way. We can help you to organise it well. AEROAFFAIRES shows you how helicopters and private jets can be the solution to a successful corporate seminar.


Chartering a private jet or an airliner for the corporate seminar :


Do you need to transport all your employees for the next corporate seminar? Have you thought about private aviation?

Indeed, more and more companies have understood the interest of business aviation and ask us to ensure the transportation of their employees during corporate seminars. Minorca, Bayonne, London, Venice… Business aviation adapts to your requirements and your destinations.


A private jet or an airliner for the corporate seminar: what should you choose ?


Is your team smaller than 10 employees ? Then a private jet is the best choice for your staff. Guaranteeing comfort, speed and flexibility, private jets are ideal for enabling your team to travel quickly, confidentially and safely to sometimes isolated locations. AEROAFFAIRES regularly charters Gulfstream G400, Global 5500 and Challenger 3500 for this type of occasion.


AEROFFAIRES also charters airliners such as Boeings or Fokker 100 for group charter flights. These are larger than their predecessors and can carry up to 100 employees.

The difference with commercial aviation is the time saved in boarding procedures. Moreover, by renting and privatising an airliner, the seminar can start as soon as you arrive at the airport. Your employees will live together a unique experience that will federate and accentuate the feeling of belonging to the company. It is always a pleasure for the AEROAFFAIRES team to welcome the employees of the companies that have called on our services to the private lounges. Pride and excitement come through from the staff.


What are the advantages of business aviation for a corporate seminar ?


Business aviation appeals to companies because of its many advantages.


First of all, take-off and landing are totally flexible. This means that they are defined according to your constraints and wishes. Our team will optimise the route to save you time. Business aviation has access to more than 8,000 airports, allowing it to serve almost any destination. So, by choosing business aviation and chartering a private jet for your corporate seminar, you are assured of landing and taking off as close to your destination as possible.


Furthermore, the private jet can take off and land at times that suit you. Need to leave early or at night? With business aviation, this is possible.


Secondly, the aircraft rented for a corporate seminar can be fully customised. At your request, we can personalise the interior of the aircraft (company logo on the headrests, flocked carpet, etc.) and the exterior (flocked logo on the aircraft’s body). This customisation makes the flying experience unique!


Finally, chartering a private jet for your seminar will ensure savings, depending on the route taken. Indeed, the rental of an airliner is often less expensive than booking several tickets on a classic commercial route.


A helicopter flight : a perfect and memorable incentive for your corporate seminar


Many companies take advantage of this time out of the ordinary to reward their employees with quality incentives that are a little out of the ordinary.

Some companies pull out all the stops. It is not unusual for AEROAFFAIRES to charter a helicopter for first flights. These helicopter flights are offered as incentives to employees. There’s nothing better for rewarding, impressing and building loyalty among employees!

A helicopter flight to thank an employee is the assurance to put stars in his eyes and to make him live an experience that he will not forget. Your company will remain forever engraved in their memory.


Chartering a private jet or an airliner for a corporate seminar is to surprise your employees. You set the tone for the seminar. Does this make you want to find out more and why not charter a plane for your next seminar ? Call our team of experts. They are used to organising private air travel for corporate seminars. They will help you to organise the travel of your employees.

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