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Transport weapons : the private jet as a solution

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Are you an avid hunter in France and abroad, such as in Africa or the United Kingdom? Are you a gun collector who travels the world in search of firearms? Before booking your private jet flight, you wonder if you will be allowed to transport your firearms (shotguns, pistols, hunting bows)? And what are the conditions for transporting firearms on a private jet? AEROAFFAIRES provides you with all the important information you need to know about transporting firearms on private jets. So you can prepare your trip and your luggage and fly off to your hunting trip in complete peace of mind.


Can you travel on a private jet with a weapons ?


Whether in private or commercial aviation, and although weapons are strictly prohibited in the cabin, it is possible to carry firearms on your private aircraft trip. In both cases, you must comply with certain conditions to allow your firearms and ammunition to travel.


How to travel with weapons in a private jet ?


AEROAFFAIRES regularly charters private jets for hunting enthusiasts in France and even in Africa. This means that passengers can take their rifles or their favourite weapons and ammunition with them. Business aviation makes the process easier and saves you a lot of time, especially when going through security.


What are the conditions for transporting firearms on private aircraft ?


The conditions for carrying a firearm on board a private jet are as follows:

    • Firearms and ammunition must be placed in the baggage compartment of the aircraft.
    • The firearm must be completely empty of ammunition and unloaded at the time of boarding.
    • Ammunition must be placed in a secure box.
    • Firearms should be placed in rigid, closed boxes. This is to ensure safety on board. This means that the secure box cannot be opened in the event of turbulence, movement or impact in the hold.

What are the regulations for private jet travel with weapons ?


European regulations require that passengers wishing to carry weapons on an aeroplane must comply with a number of formalities and obligations to allow them to travel on a private plane. Here is some information on your obligations:


    • When booking your flight, inform the AROAFFAIRES team of your plans to carry one or more weapons on board the aircraft.
    • This will enable our team to inform the departure and arrival terminal.
    • You will not be able to carry more than 5 kg of ammunition on board the aircraft. You should therefore plan ahead to avoid having part of your load removed.
    • It is strictly forbidden to place your firearm in one of your personal bags. Your weapon (pistol, rifle, etc.) must be contained in a dedicated box labelled with the name of the weapon.
    • As a passenger holding a weapon, you will need to show your licence or authorisation to carry a weapon.
    • If you are planning to travel abroad, you will also need to go through some formalities to ensure that you are authorised to carry weapons on arrival in the foreign country.


At every stage, AEROAFFAIRES will accompany you and help you with each formality. This way, you can be sure that you will be able to fly in complete peace of mind and safety.


What weapons are allowed to fly on a private jet ?


Whether you are a hunter, a professional shooter, a gun collector or a shooting sportsman, you will be able to bring your own equipment. Weapons and ammunition allowed on board a private jet are

    • rifles and shotguns
    • hunting bows
    • sniper rifles
    • Bullet, powder, ball and paintball guns
    • Reproductions of firearms
    • antique and collectible weapons


What are the advantages of travelling by private jet to transport weapons ?


Private aviation has many advantages. This is even more true when it comes to transporting weapons.




Travelling with weapons is not easy. Often, this particular luggage is cumbersome. With a private jet rental, whether you are flying to a hunt, safari or competition, you can take off and land as close as possible to your final destination.


Time saving


Whether it’s for leisure or business, there’s nothing more annoying than wasting time when you could be saving it. Private aviation is ideal for saving you time! Procedures are not slimmed down. They are shortened. This is because there is little waiting around when you go through security and customs. This saves you a huge amount of time between your arrival at the airport and your boarding.


Safety :


By chartering a private jet to transport your weapons, AEROAFFAIRES guarantees you optimum security. Whether it is the choice of partner airline to operate the flight, the choice of aircraft or the crew on board, everything is done to ensure that you and your weapons travel in complete safety.


Possibility to transport your hunting dogs :


Did you know that when you travel by private jet, you can also take your dogs with you? It is difficult for a hunter to part with his faithful companion(s). If you wish to travel with them, let the AEROAFFAIRES team know when you make your reservation. They are used to this type of request and will manage the logistics of your pets.


After reading this article, you have all the information you need to make your trip and the transport of weapons go smoothly. Travelling by private jet is truly a solution to facilitate the transport of weapons and to drop you off as close as possible to your final destination.


For more information on arms transport and for all requests for chartering a private aircraft, contact AEROAFFAIRES on +33 1 44 09 91 82, by email: or fill in our online quote. We will respond as quickly as possible.