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Which private jets are the most comfortable to sleep in?

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Comfort is the key to a pleasant flight. If you are planning to spend a night on board, or if you have a long journey ahead of you, choosing the most comfortable private jet for sleeping becomes imperative. These luxury aircraft offer spacious cabins. They also have entertainment systems and sometimes comfortable beds to ensure you get the best possible sleep. AEROAFFAIRES reveals a list of the most comfortable private jets for sleeping.



Which private jet should you choose to sleep in comfort?



Here is a selection of some of the machines that offer the level of comfort you need for a good night’s sleep. Although these private jets may be equipped with beds, this is not always the case. Cabin layouts may differ depending on the aircraft. If the presence of a bed on board is one of your criteria, please indicate this when requesting your flight.


Gulfstream G650


The Gulfstream G650 is known as one of the most luxurious and comfortable private jets on the market. Its spacious, quiet cabin provides a peaceful travel environment. At the leading edge of technology, its sophisticated pressurization system ensures the best quality of sleep. All of this makes the Gulfstream G650 one of the most comfortable private jets for in-flight sleeping.


To ensure optimum comfort on long-haul flights, the cabin can be fitted with a comfortable bed. Soft duvets are also available. These facilities guarantee passengers a good night’s sleep.


Bombardier Global 7500

The Bombardier Global 7500 is a popular choice for travelers looking for a luxurious and comfortable long-haul private jet. Its spacious cabin offers a relaxing travel environment. Low cabin pressure significantly reduces fatigue and ensures optimum comfort.


The versatile design of the aircraft allows passengers to relax before bed. The Bombardier Group can equip the aircraft with beds to make sure you can sleep well. These premium features make the Bombardier Global 7500 one of the most comfortable private jets on the market and one of the most suitable to sleep in.


Dassault Falcon 8X


The Dassault Falcon 8X is a long-range private jet much appreciated for its comfort and spacious cabin. It’s the ideal aircraft for a night’s sleep on a transatlantic flight.

With 180-degree reclining seats, passengers can enjoy a comfortable sleep during long flights. What’s more, the aircraft’s low cabin pressure reduces fatigue. This makes for a more pleasant travelling environment.


For passengers looking to sleep, the Dassault Falcon 8X cabin can be equipped with beds and duvets.


ACJ320neo Airbus


The Airbus ACJ320neo is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a spacious and comfortable aircraft. With its large cabin, passengers can move around easily and enjoy a pleasant travelling environment. The 180-degree reclining seats offer optimum comfort during long flights.


Moreover, the cabin of the Airbus ACJ320neo can be equipped with several beds according to passengers’ demand. The large wingspan of the aircraft allows the cabin to be separated into different areas, just like real bedrooms!


Boeing Business Jet


The Boeing Business Jet is a spacious and comfortable private jet that is highly appreciated for its luxurious design and large capacity. The cabin offers plenty of space for passengers, allowing you to move around easily and enjoy a pleasant travelling environment. The layout is adaptable: all the seats recline to 180 degrees.


The cabin of the Boeing Business Jet is similar to that of the previous aircraft in terms of wingspan. It can easily be fitted with a bed and arranged so as to reserve space for sleeping. Whether you’re travelling on business or on holiday, the Boeing Business Jet offers an unrivalled level of luxury and comfort.


Comfort: a significant asset for sleeping on a private jet.


Comfort is a key element to air travel. With custom-made flights, whether it’s a private or business trip, your comfort is our priority. While spacious and quiet cabins provide a relaxing environment, the sophisticated air pressurisation system maintains a cabin pressure equivalent to sea level, which reduces the effects of fatigue and on-board noise. Comfortable cabins provides you with a pleasant and relaxing travelling environment.


Cabins can be equipped with :

  • 180-degree reclining seats
  • top-of-the-range beds, similar to those found in hotels
  • duvets and everything you need for a good night’s sleep


In-flight entertainment systems ensure that you have the time of your life before you drift off to sleep: high-definition screens, surround-sound systems and a wide choice of content, and more services beyond your expectations.



A bed on board a private jet.


Although flying on a private jet usually goes hand in hand with comfort and high-quality service, not all planes can provide you with beds. Several factors can determine whether or not a jet can be equipped with bedding: weight and also space occupied on board only enable the largest aircraft to have beds available. 


If having a bed on board is one of your criteria, choosing an intermediate private jet might be the most suitable option.


Here are some of the advantages of flying on a private jet equipped with beds:


  • Superior comfort: Beds in private jets offer a high level of comfort. They allow passengers to rest and relax during the flight.


  • Quality sleep: Comfortable beds allow passengers to get a good night’s sleep during long-haul flights, reducing the fatigue you may have on a regular flight.


  • Stress reduction: Private jet beds create a relaxing atmosphere, helping to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with travel.


  • Privacy and intimacy: Private jet beds provide passengers with a private space, where you can take a good rest without being bothered. 


  • Better recovery: Having a bed on board allows you to sleep just like you were in your own bed, and feel refreshed and energized when you arrive at your destination.


  • Lavish travel experience : Beds in private jets add a touch of luxury and comfort to the travel experience. They offer an upmarket ambience and a feeling of exclusive travel.


Find the most suitable jet for sleeping with AEROAFFAIRES.


As each private jet can be customised to suit the customer’s individual preferences, the above options are not exhaustive. To find the aircraft that best meets your criteria, it is best to call on an expert like AEROAFFAIRES.


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