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Transatlantic flight: cross the oceans in a private jet

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By definition, a transatlantic flight is a flight on board an aircraft that crosses an ocean from one side to the other. Paris – New York is a very good example. AEROAFFAIRES shows you the subtleties of these flights and the possibilities of transatlantic flights by private jet.


Transatlantic flights: a little history

The first transatlantic flight dates back to 1919 and it was no small feat to get there.

Walter Wellman, an American journalist attempted a first crossing in October 1910. During this crossing he had to face several problems: storm, deviation, engine failure… These events forced him to stop his crossing very quickly.

A real craze around this type of flight was set up. So much so that the Daily Mail, a British newspaper, offered a reward of 10,000 dollars to the first aviator able to cross the Atlantic in an airplane.

It was not until 9 years later that the Britons Alcock and Brown embarked on this adventure. They made the first non-stop flight from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada to Clifden, Ireland. Whether it was from take-off, during the crossing or during the landing, the two British briefly led this flight. It was by making the first direct transatlantic flight that these two Brits made aviation history.

Very quickly after this feat, the number of flights increased. The first commercial flights took place in the 1930s. Indeed, in May 1930, the airline Aéropostale made its first commercial flight from Saint-Louis in Senegal to Natal in Brazil.

As the years went by, innovations and tests allowed the company to improve its transatlantic flights and to count millions of passengers. In August 1938, a long-haul flight from Berlin to New York was completed non-stop in 24 hours and 55 minutes.

Now that you know more about the transatlantic flight and its history, let’s get into the details.


How to optimize your transatlantic flight?

Thanks to technical evolutions, it is now possible to go anywhere. Transatlantic flights are no longer synonymous with the unknown. Whether through private or commercial airlines, it is now possible to travel the globe via transatlantic flights.

Among the most common connections we can mention New York/London, Montreal/Paris, Paris/New York…

Even if they are rare, if you wish to make a transatlantic flight by private jet, a whole team will be at your disposal. To plan, organize and facilitate the trip of all passengers, before, during and after take-off. Traveling by business jet on transatlantic flights can really optimize your flight time and organization while providing a unique experience.

At AEROAFFAIRES, we have access to a comprehensive fleet of aircraft. In fact, we have a multitude of aircraft types that can rotate between airports, allowing you to land as close as possible to your destination. Most airports are equipped with private lounges, allowing our travelers to enjoy a personalized service, quiet and discreet.

To travel by private jet you need to know a few instructions. The first is that you must arrive 15 to 20 minutes before your plane’s departure time. Unlike commercial flights where you are required to arrive several hours before, private jet travel allows you to maximize your time at the airport. After going through boarding procedures, you will be taken directly to your jet. On board, the team will introduce itself to you and you will benefit from a top-of-the-range service where everything will have been thought of to meet your needs. Upon arrival, depending on your departure wishes, you will be taken to a private lounge or you will be picked up directly on the tarmac by a cab. Your luggage will be placed directly on board your vehicle. AEROAFFAIRES also offers Meet and Greet services.

This may sound like a dream, but there are several factors to consider before you take off…


Which private jet to choose for a transatlantic flight?

The choice of a private jet is surely one of the most important choices before making a transatlantic flight. Transatlantic flights are long-haul flights, which means that you will spend at least 6 hours on board a plane, so you might as well choose the plane that suits you best!

Each plane is unique and can meet more or less specific needs. If you’re looking to relax and enjoy personalized customer service, you won’t be on the same type of aircraft as if you’re flying with business associates to work or hold meetings.

That’s why at AEROAFFAIRES we are committed to choosing a private aircraft with sufficient range, safety, comfort and a luxurious interior for you to enjoy your flight. If you wish to work, we will provide you with a plane that has meeting spaces, wifi and a catering area on board.

Each aircraft is unique and corresponds to a specific trip. It is up to our team to determine your needs in order to best meet your requirements and provide you with a unique experience. If this is your first flight, your first plane, all the more reason to have an unforgettable memory.


Factors to take into account for a transatlantic flight

It is important to understand that the duration of your flight depends on the itinerary and the speed of the aircraft you choose before your departure. As stated above, you will be able to choose your own jet. However, a team will be there to advise you and offer you several alternatives.

For example, you will have to count 7 hours of flight time for a Paris-New-York flight on board a Falcon 900.

In this category we can also talk about the weather conditions. Indeed, the weather at the time of the flight can have a huge impact on your trip. As transatlantic flights are long, the weather can vary between departure and arrival. This is why the crew will be very vigilant on this subject.

It should also be noted that the wind can be in your favor or against you. If the wind is against you, it can delay you up to 1 hour since the plane will go much faster. If the wind is against you, the plane will be “helped” by the wind and this will save you time.


Some price ideas for a transatlantic flight in a private jet

Flight prices vary depending on the jet you choose. Indeed, the price varies due to the technical capabilities of the aircraft. That is to say, the number of seats, the performance, the speed, the quality of the aircraft as well as the services provided on board during the flight.


Here are some prices to give you an idea:

Paris – Miami by private jet

– Aircraft : Praetor 600 (12 seats)

– Price: from €150,000


Hong Kong – Milan by private jet

– Aircraft: Gulfstream G650 (13 seats)

– Price: from €123,200

Now that you know more about transatlantic flights. At AEROAFFAIRES, we are available at all times. Weekends and holidays included. We also manage requests for medical evacuations by air ambulance or air freight. If you would like to obtain information on a long-haul flight, we will respond quickly to your request for a quote online, or by telephone on +33 1 44 09 91 82 or by e-mail: